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Model 33

Plastic milk crates, IKEA Kallax shelves, repurposed wooden crates—these classic storage options tend to hide the one of the best things about owning vinyl: album covers. Kickstarted into reality, Chicago-based flipbin has designed a slightly angled aluminum holder for easy browsing (and flaunting). The Model 33 can hold about 33 12-inch records, more than enough for an epic holiday party playlist. Lovingly made in the USA, it comes in nine different colors for extra decor flexibility.

Howl + Hound
Crimson Winter Toile

With a classy, crimson and white nature patterning on high-quality fabrics, this Howl + Hound premium crafted bandana makes for a seasonal accessory. Each bandana is made to order in Brooklyn and quantities are limited. In no way twee or tacky, the refined pattern here really makes all the difference.

The Slip-On Camp Sole

A 100% natural wool composition whisks moisture away while sustaining, maintaining and amplifying the natural heat your feet produce. There's enough flexibility to allow for an easy slip-on experience every time, while this particular Huckberry-exclusive version offers a slip-resistant rubberized sole. Further, these indoor shoes are entirely handmade in Denmark.

Large Tote Bag

Predominantly composed of canvas with an affixed vegetable-tanned leather embellishment, Feit's new large tote is the epitome of the functional bag. A simply modern design accompanies a substantial amount of stow space. This bag's strength is ease of use but with components handmade by Florentine artisans in Italy, there's definitely a luxuriant edge.

24K MBox Elite Cannabis Collection

120 products, with a value totaling over $24,000, can be found within the limited edition 24K MBox cannabis kit from California's ClubM. The organization is releasing just five of these boxes, altogether—and each purchase includes a two-year subscription to ClubM. Within, one will find everything from an encrusted vaporizer (with over 200 individually placed Swarovski crystals) to a 24K gold blunt tip with 420 diamonds. There's also plenty of marijuana and a VIP cannabis concierge line for cannabis recommendations and refills. Unsurprisingly, this box is hand-delivered.

The Glad Hours x Austin Motel
Fingernails Sleep Mask

This sleep time product is a tale of two cities: produced by The Glad House, the silk pajama-makers based in LA, and stocked at the one-floor Austin Mote. The blood red fingernails on this silk eye mask match the red-orange vinyl cushion bed-frames and lip-shaped bedside phones—and signal the wrath to come of whoever disturbs thy beauty sleep. It's a hotel-level amenity worth bringing home.

Reflexology Kit

Easy to use and affordable, Saje's kit makes it simple to incorporate reflexology into your daily routine. With two essential oils—one for energy and one for stress release—the kit also includes a mat that works with your own weight to massage contact points on your feet. Promoting better balance and general wellbeing, this kit is for anybody who needs a little time to relax.

Rosenberry Rooms
Fire Captain Rocking Toy

Forever a staple in children's rooms (or playrooms), a rocking toy encourage imagination and physical activity. With Rosenberry Rooms' high-end (but not obscenely priced) options, one finds bright hand-painted colors atop premium carved wood. The fire engine 01 model happens to be our favorite and encourages anyone over the age of two to be a hero.

Winter Room Boots

Made from absorbent washi (Japanese paper) threads that are infused with Kumazasa plant fibers, these room boots—aka boot-shaped slippers—are breathable, moisture-wicking and antibacterial. Even more importantly, they're super-cozy and warm for the winter months. Shuffle around your house in comfort while the snow falls outside. Available in gray or navy.

WS Game Company
Clue 3D Luxury Edition

From WS Game Company, an offshoot of Hasbro tasked with stylish, contemporary upgrades to heritage games, comes a 3D version of the classic Clue. In fact, the game is a 3D-wood cabinet version of the mansion with each room of activity displayed beneath a tempered glass top. Wood character movers meet plated die-cast weapons. Decorative metal plaques round out the premium attributes. It's a beautiful way to play a game so many know and love.

Joya + Camilla Engstrom
Naptime Candles

Fragrance design studio Joya and artist Camilla Engstrom—NYC neighbors—have collaborated on a candle for enhanced Zs.
To avoid a common, on-the-nose traditional lavender scent, oak moss, smoky incense, cedar leaf and a hint of burnt sugar complement the main ingredient for a sophisticated, intricate fragrance. Within the series of three, choose which napping position (portrayed by Engstrom's alter ego, Husa) you like best: back, side or front.

Best Made Co + Hubert Herr
Cuckoo Clock

Partnering with German clockmaker Hubert Herr, Best Made Co has produced a limited edition, fully mechanical cuckoo clock (that must be wound once a day). It's been handmade in Germany's Black Forest, with fir and birch sourced from the country. Herr is the only person to produce such a clock entirely in-house today. It's as intricate as it is charming—and it chimes every 15 minutes.

Clip Clip Spoon

HAY's minimalist, architecture-inspired designs continue to impress, this time with their multi-tasking Clip Clip Spoon. The clever kitchen utensil doubles up as a measuring spoon and a clip that can seal a bag—whether it's coffee, sugar or anything else that needs measuring and sealing. Not only is it functional, but it looks sophisticated in a brass-colored stainless steel.

Hunter Craighill
Jack Puzzle

Designed by Hunter Craighill, the Jack Puzzle feels just at home in the hands of child as it does on the desk of someone working in a creative field. Crafted from brass, the game involves six notched bars, interlocked in a very specific—if not challenging—order. It also doesn't occupy all that much space—though it certainly offers great distraction.

Three Potato Four
Naughty + Nice Key Rings

Philadelphia's Three Potato Four has a wide range of retro hotel-inspired key rings, but this year they have released a catchy, limited edition style just for the holiday season. Available in white on pink, or red on white, they say "Naughty" on one side and "Nice" on the other. Made in the USA.

Baby Alpaca Throw Blanket

While pure Peruvian alpaca wool blankets can set you back $300+ easily, direct-to-consumer bedding obsessives Brooklinen have a slightly less expensive version that doesn't sacrifice quality. The sumptuous, soft throw keeps warmth without the weight—you'll be wrapping yourself in it year-round—and makes a reliable Netflix and chill partner.

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