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Charlotte Mei
Monkey Pot

London-based artist Charlotte Mei handcrafts ceramic characters that are very cute, but avoid being saccharine—and are also always functional. From toast-shaped plates with rosy cheeks to little worm sculptures, many of her creations are limited edition—and the new Monkey Pot (available for pre-order now) has been made in a run of just 50. Hand slipcast and painted, this little monkey is perfect for housing a small posy or just hanging out on a window sill.

Brooks England
Femto Bike Light

Heritage cycling brand Brooks England is showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, one of their most recent designs, the Femto light, is their nicest yet. Easy to attach to and remove from your bike's frame, handlebars or seat post, the light is secured with a rubber band and clip—neither of which will scratch or damage your paint job. The copper colorway is classic, but most importantly: the white LED light helps make you visible to drivers and other riders. Price is in British pounds.

The Arrivals + Snarkitecture
Limited Edition Element Poncho

Known for their clean-lined leather moto jackets, The Arrivals (founded by former architect Jeff Johnson) have joined forces with design collective Snarkitecture to create one winning poncho. While "chic" and "poncho" aren't words one often finds together, this unisex piece is a true exception. It's sleek, functional and (most importantly) waterproof. Available in two colors, the white is made from a stain-resistant, poly-blend and the black is a poly-spandex micromesh. Both iterations offer plenty of interior pockets to keep your goodies dry, but ultimately this is a sharp design piece that makes a traditionally dorky item incredibly wearable.

Nanotecture: Tiny Built Things

When thinking of architecture most of us don't think of small-scale creations, but there's plenty of design prowess behind these structures. From pet houses to pods to tree houses and sheds, cabins and inflatable structures—there's a little genius behind all these little buildings. "Nanotecture: Tiny Built Things" celebrates a wide range of designs, and shows good things certainly do come in small packages.

Seletti + Toiletpaper
Lipstick Rug

Outrageous and super-bold, Seletti + Toiletpaper's statement collaboration rugs is playful art meant to be stomped on. With 100% polyester carpets bearing everything from eyeballs to frog burgers, our pick is the pink and black "Lipstick" design—a classic from Toiletpaper that can also be found on melamine serving trays and porcelain plates—which plays with gender roles. Price is in British pounds.

Way Out Poster

The witty designers behind Copenhagen-based Playtype love using the typefaces they've created in fun, different ways, from monochromatic glyphs stamped on mugs to covering skateboards. Equally big and bold are their posters that make the most of a single letter, or a word or two. Use "Way Out" as a 2D exit sign, hallway hypeman or a pop of green to transform even your most sterile spaces.

Mr Dog New York
Floral Mattress Bed

While dogs can fall asleep just about anywhere, there aren't many spots as alluring as a couch cushion or a human bed—two places our four-legged friends might not be welcome. Mr Dog presents a beautiful solution: a pet-dedicated mattress-cushion hybrid in a charming cabbage rose floral pattern. Inside, shredded latex and cotton rag lend it durability and firmness. And as it is for pets, an array of features (from the urethane moisture wicking coat to internal air vents) make it a durable and lasting product.

People Products
Axcent Pocket Watch (Bronze)

There's something rather classy about reaching for the time and pulling out a pocket watch rather than a mobile phone. Developed in the 16th century, these devices were the most popular form of time-telling all the way until WWI. People Products makes clear that they don't have to be a relic of time long passed. Their premium Axcent Pocket Watch (made of stainless steel but in a bronze colorway) sports a Japanese Miyota 9T22 movement at its core, but it's the sapphire crystal and brass hands that make it so alluring. It's a minimal design but sure to impress.

Cult Gaia
Leafy Visor

On the days when you don't want to bother with sunblock or sunnies, hats are the next choice in keeping the blinding sun at bay. Letting the breeze through and catching a few looks along the way, Cult Gaia's made-in-LA 90210 Mita Visor is a style that defies what typically comes to mind. A fun leafy print and fabric ends (for tying into a bow) add personality to the sporty vibe.

Shahrzad Ghadjar
Dinosaurs Smoking Weed Coloring Book

The very logically named Dinosaurs Smoking Weed Coloring Book is just that—and even comes with crayons. Full of pictures of stoned and smoking dinos, the book also offers a little trivia on how each creature enjoys getting high—whether via bongs or vaping or smoking joints. Delightfully embracing the absurd, this book blends a very adult pastime with a delightfully childish one.

Golden Snitch

Those tiny plastic baggies sadly let the whole world know you've got good weed. Stash the precious bud away from mooching roommates in this gorgeous California-made Golden Snitch orb, available at Sweetflag. The new online shop is fully of beautifully designed smoking accessories—think black obsidian pipes, hand-forged brass incense burners, coconut-flavored rolling papers—that look impeccable long after the joint's done.

M Gemi
Salotto Shoes

M Gemi's Salotto slip-on shoes, crafted by talented Toscana artisans who use the highest quality materials, can be paired with casual shorts as easily as with suit pants. With a nappa calfskin upper and an all-leather lining, these shoes feature a cross-hatched pattern that makes the simple style a little more flashy—without going overboard. The rubber sole is sporty and offers comfort, making these some of the most versatile shoes in your collection.

Good Life
Flecked Terry Tank Top

Super-comfortable and lightweight, this Made-in-USA looped terry tank is just right for the weather that the Northern Hemisphere is finally being blessed with. A neat but casual piece, the tank takes on less dye thanks to its blend of yarns—meaning the result is subtle and appears almost inside-out.

Shelter Bay
Steel Wire Flare Cage Light

Toronto-based Shelter Bay—just founded in 2015—offers hand-welded steel wire cages and elegant spun steel shades (plus a combination of both) to pair with lightbulbs for a beautiful design occasion. The flare cage reminds us of a billowing skirt, and is available in copper, white, pearl black—and the crowd favorite, the unique multi-colored aurora finish.

Overthrow NYC
Limited Edition Cannabis-Printed Boxing Gloves

Boxing might not be the first thing that comes to mind when looking for cannabis associations, but Bleecker Street's Overthrow Boxing Club—housed in a space formerly known as the alternative culture Yippie Museum—makes for a worthy link. The location played host to the founding of High Times Magazine by Tom Forcade, and was the headquarters of the Legalization Movement. Yippie Alice Torbush, who frequented the space, designed the pattern featured on these limited edition gloves, which clock in at 16oz and can handle heavy bag, sparing and mitt workouts.

Mile High Gift Set

If you’re only smoking or consuming cannabis, you might not be unlocking all of its health-improving potential. Apothecanna’s Mile High Gift Set allows for direct-to-skin application of marijuana’s healing wonders through five different body lotions. With a mix of herbal ingredients like peppermint, juniper, chamomile, lavender and more, each creme targets something specific: pain relief, stimulation and more.

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