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Colt's Bolts
Colt's Bolts

A long-time staple in the CH pantry, these are perhaps one of our all-time favorite confections. It's hard to beat the simple perfection of milk or dark chocolate, peanut butter and whole-roasted almonds.

Olga Metallic Teepee

Wolfum's eye-catching printed textiles and wallpaper are created with sustainability in mind, from fabric made of recycled PET bottles combined with organic cotton. All made in the USA, this black and gold teepee reaches six feet tall and becomes a vibrant home base for whatever you—err, your kids dreams up.

Adam J Kurtz
Myself Pennant

Get with the winning team with graphic designer Adam J Kurtz's (aka AdamJK) "Myself" pennant. Put the sparkly banner somewhere you'll see it daily for a regular memo that you are the best, or give it to somebody who might need the reminder.

Pfeiffer + Evernote
Tablet Platform

Lacking unsightly screws or nails, the new Pfeiffer + Evernote tablet stand is made from one piece of bent plywood, creating an organic appeal. Built to display your tablet at just the right angle for comfortable viewing, the platform also features a charging slot to minimize visibility of messy cords. From its slim profile to subtle woodgrain and discreetly place logo on the back, it's a sophisticated stand for your office.

Badlands Dry Shampoo Paste

R+Co's latest addition to its line of eye-catching hair products is an unusual combination of dry shampoo and styling paste, which helps create that effortless just-rolled-out-of-bed look—sans the oiliness. When rubbed between the hands, the paste—made from volcanic ash, zeolite, sunflower seed extract and more—transforms into a powdery dust that adds volume and texture.

Cactus Tongue
Wall Mounted Bike Holder

The British-made Cactus Tongue takes its name from the fact that it resembles a giant Saguaro cactus, with curvy arms to hold a bike horizontally or vertically. The powder-coated Zintec steel Cactus Tongue UNI (with weatherproof PVC sleeves to protect your bike from the metal) works for both indoor or outdoor use, but for a higher end aesthetic variation, the more expensive stainless steel version (with leather sleeves) is also worthy of holding your prized bike.

Ghostly + Warby Parker
Henning Sunglasses

For their most recent collaboration, Ghostly and Warby Parker have created a pair of minimal and classy sunglasses: the Henning. Made from premium matte acetate and Japanese titanium, the frames offer 100% UV protection and an anti-scratch coating—for those klutzes who are always dropping their shades on the sidewalk. The branding is also super-minimal, with just a small badge boasting the cute Ghostly logo at the end of the arms—adding a little playful edge, but ultimately staying sophisticated. Most importantly though, for each set of Hennings sold, a pair is given to somebody in need.

Public Supply
Ty Williams' Special Edition Notebook

Even in the digital age, there's nothing quite like carrying a good notebook. As longtime fans of NYC's Public - Supply, we were taken with their latest collaborative offering; notebooks designed by mixed-media artist Ty Williams. Only 750 of the 96-page notebooks (printed in the States) exist. The paper is all Rainforest Alliance Certified, acid-free and composed of 10% recycled material.

Camera Swagg

Photographers know the burden of carrying around two or more cameras in order to never miss that perfect moment. Lightening the load is Oklahoma-based Matthew Swaggart, whose sturdy, handmade leather multi-camera harness (dubbed the "MoneyMaker") lets you shoot with speed, comfort—and style. He's now created an alternate version—to the delight of his vegan friends—made from synthetic materials, making the straps even lighter and also affordable.

Transcendent Plant

From new leather goods line Faike comes a snake plant that will stand the test of time, no matter how many business trips you take. Made from black leather and encased wire, the eight individual leaves bend to however you please becoming an adaptive sculpture of sorts.

House of Cards
Puberty Blues Tote Bag

Whether a nod to awkward adolescences or the iconic Australian coming-of-age novel "Puberty Blues," House of Cards' new bag makes teen angst look great. The tote is made from 100% rippled, pool water-printed cotton and features a zip-up compartment inside to keep all your treasures safe. Most charming, though, is the baby blue and pale pink "Puberty Blues" patch sewn onto the side.

Belly Kids
Milhouse From Memory Book

With over 100 illustrations of everyday hero Milhouse Van Houten (aka Bart Simpson's BFF) each drawn from memory, Kieran Gabriel's new book promises to delight readers. The drawings—by professional artists including Jean Jullien, Kali Ciesemier, Rose Blake and non-artists alike—are charming, strange and entirely sweet; evoking Van Houten's adorable underdog vibe. An essential book for any The Simpsons enthusiast.

Hay Mini Market
Phi Scissors

Danish design studio Hay, founded back in 2002, creates furniture and various products for the home. Their latest design to pique our interest is this pair of beautiful, gold-handled Phi scissors. Made from plated carbon and available in two sizes, the scissors are a functional and stylish addition to your office or kitchen.

Studio Banana Things
Kangaroo Light

Studio Banana Things's Kangaroo Light is a strikingly designed luminaire that's not only foldable and portable, but also wirelessly connects to your smartphone. With 24 built-in LEDs, the light boasts a gentle glow and can last for two hours, powered by a lithium battery or having been charged via a USB port. It's a super-functional object that's also quite beautiful to gaze upon.

Flight 001
F1 Spacepak Organizer

Packing (and unpacking, shudder) becomes a bit more bearable with Flight 001's nifty Spacepak differently colored and sized bags for toiletries, socks and underwear, clothes, shoes and even suits. The bags not only keep things well-organized and compressed, saving space, but with a dual compartment separating "clean" and "laundry," your stinky gym socks will never infiltrate the rest of your precious belongings. It's comforting to land and find your PJs immediately without turning your suitcase into an excavation site.

Alexander Girard + Paperless Post
Heart of Love Card

While many are familiar with Alexander Girard's acclaimed graphic designs, most people may not know he was a prolific letter writer. Appropriately, the iconic (oft times patterned-based) works by the celebrated mid-century architect and designer have found a new home with online notecard innovators Paperless Post. From glowing graphic hearts and suns to vibrant striped patterns, every card delivers something beautiful. You can also order them in real paper, or send them via the online service.

Retro Record Washer

Keep your beloved vinyl collection in tip-top condition with this manual washer from Spin-Clean. Offering a compact, made-in-USA unit that's more affordable than its high-tech counterparts, Spin-Clean celebrates 40 years of taking lint, dust and fingerprints off of records with a retro limited version in its original color and shaped box.

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