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Suck UK
Frozen Peas Ice Cube Mould

Suck UK smartly looked at nature to devise the perfect ice ball-maker. Crafting a jumbo-sized pea-in-a-pod design, the designer's Frozen Peas make it easy to squeeze out a giant ball of ice, which melts 80% slower than cubed ice, for cold, strong drinks.

Tom of Finland + Finlayson
Couples Napkins

Thanks to a collaboration with Finnish textile manufacturer Finlayson, influential fetish artist Tom of Finland's homoerotic macho men drawings now grace functional home products like bath towels and aprons. The napkins featuring buff sailor hunks make for a great conversation starter at the next party you host—and are so easy on the eyes. Plus, it's a happy reminder that same-sex marriage will, finally, be legal in Finland in 2017.

Weekender Supply Co.
Fuck It Enamel Pin

Tortonto-based graphic designer Marta Ryczko's side project Weekender Supply Co. is a treasure chest of feels in pin form, whether you're feeling tangled or abstract. Her most bold offering, the "Fuck It" enamel pin, lets the accessory do the talking when you can't be bothered. If you want another way to say it, there's an iron-on patch version available too.

Fellow Products
Duo Coffee Steeper

Kickstarted into reality, SF-based Fellow Products' debut offering combines the best of two techniques—French press and manual pour-over—for a bold cup of coffee—without the sludge. Foolproof to use (and clean), with two removable stainless steel filters to catch any stray grounds, the Duo Coffee Steeper is an example of when great design makes for great coffee. It also makes cold-press coffee and loose leaf tea (the latter requires a different filter).

Steven Harrington + Case Studyo
Sincerely Yours Vase

Case Studyo enlisted California-based artist Steve Harrington for the playful "Sincerely Yours" vase. Dotted with characters shaped like yin-yangs, the curvy vase is a delightfully light-hearted take on the spiritual symbol—yet also an apt one, as Harrington's work oftentimes explores the concept of balance. Limited to just 100 pieces, the porcelain vase will surely bring a little Zen—albeit whimsical—to any room.

Fernando Ramallo + David Kanaga

Argentine game designer Fernando Ramallo and composer David Kanaga have teamed up to create Panoramical: an immersive videogame-like experience for Mac or PC where there are no rules. You're manipulating "abstract musical landscapes" via mouse, keyboard, even game or MIDI controller. Sculpt sound and space within 15 unique worlds through this trippy audio-visualizer to find a meditative escape or trigger a technicolor dance party—it's already being used as live visuals for shows.

Robyn Lea
Dinner With Jackson Pollock

Many might not know that Jackson Pollock, the iconic American painter, was also an avid cook (and gardener). In fact, his apple pie took first place at a local fair's baking competition, and it's one of the recipes included in the cookbook-slash-biography "Dinner with Jackson Pollock." From Swedish meatballs to spaghetti sauce, the recipes were pulled from handwritten notes by Pollock as well as from friends and family who spoke of dinner parties, beach picnics and foraging expeditions. The book sheds light on another dimension of the complex artist 60 years after his untimely death.

George Nelson Associates
Petal Clock

While it was made back in 1957 (by NYC's George Nelson Associates for the Howard Miller Clock Company), the Petal Clock is as beautiful today as it ever was. Inspired by a four-leaf clover, this authentic Nelson clock (now archived in the the Vitra Design Museum, along with Nelson's other inventive designs like the joyful ball clock) is a simple and bold piece of American modernism.

Ben Skinner
Womp Womp

Vancouver-based artist Ben Skinner has a way with words—most of his mixed media art incorporates a special arrangement of them to make you stop and think. In his "Same Same" series, he finds humor and beauty in turning phrases like Tisk Tisk, Knock Knock, Yada Yada and Womp Womp into paired bricks in pastel shades and speckled textures. Use it as a door-stop or make it a trophy on your bookshelf.

Vault by Vans x WTAPS
OG Sk8-Hi LX Sneakers

Japanese streetwear brand WTAPS (pronounced "double taps") and sneaker house Vans collaborate once again for a limited edition eight-piece capsule collection under the vintage-inspired Vault by Vans premium label. The OG Sk8-Hi LX takes cues from skater Steve Caballero's own Vans Caballero (a 1989 debut), using the same materials of embossed reptile nubuck and suede in an updated look.

Joya x Calico Wallpaper
Outrenoir Scented Candle

Two artisanal forces in New York—Calico Wallpaper and fragrance design studio Joya—collaborate this season for a trio of uniquely scented candles, each with their own handmade marbled glass vessel. Calico, though just two years old, has become known for its bespoke marbled wallpaper that functions as a non-repeating custom mural, and now their intricate marbling technique can be appreciated in this candle—filling up the room in its own way.

Jutaku: Japanese Houses

With 400+ houses featured across its 500+ pages, Jutaku: Japanese Houses is pretty big—considering its physical size is quite compact. Showcasing the best, strangest and most daring of contemporary Japanese residential architecture with full-color images, it's a hardcover tome that will surprise and inspire readers to think outside the "duplex."

Folding Bike Lock

Different than your typical U-Lock or chain, the Foldylock (designed in Tel Aviv) opens up when in use and, when you're riding, folds into a compact package that you can easily mount on your bike-frame or toss into a backpack. The lock is easy to transport, but doesn't sacrifice security: six hardened steel links (coated in plastic to avoid scratches to the frame) stand up to bolt cutters, hack saws and more. Note that it's a hefty 3.3 pounds.

Critter & Guitari
Kaleidoloop Sound Collector

Designed by Owen Osborn and Chris Kucinski, Critter & Guitari's musical instruments encourage play and experimentation. Their portable Kaleidoloop, for example, records sounds and manipulates them by altering playback speed and direction—so you could try to recreate that famous "reverse speech" scene in Twin Peaks, or beatbox up an epic percussive symphony to accompany your solo act. Composer Mark Mothersbaugh is a Kaleidoloop fan and demos it in a recent CH Video.

Bourbon and Boots
Etched Globe Spirits Decanter

Nothing showcases the hue of an aged spirit quite like a decanter. Whether one wants to show off cognac, scotch or rum, the etched globe decanter from Bourbon & Boots delivers a worldly, refined aesthetic. It's composed of lead-free, heat-resistant glass and includes a cork stopper. It also spins on its base, so one can observe it from all angles with a simple turn. And as with most decanters, it's fragile and should be washed by hand.

Retro Print Revival
Rocket Planter

Made in Melbourne, Australia, Retro Print Revival's Rocket Planters are a sleek and sophisticated way to decorate your house with greenery. Crafted using fiberglass, brass and Tasmanian Blackwood, the design (which is available in two sizes) is super-clean and inspired by mid-century modern lines. It's a welcoming home for a plant, hopefully encouraging a blastoff to growth.

Chilli Beans
Amy Winehouse Glasses

Inspired by the late singer/songwriter Amy Winehouse, affordable eyewear brand Chilli Beans pays homage to her style with cat-eye glasses that blend the classic '50s shape with modern twists. Made from premium acetate, the glasses come in three colorways, but it's the speckled, multi-colored frames—with hints of turquoise and purple—that will subtly distinguish you from the crowd.

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