$25 and Under

$25 and Under


This all-in-one teapot and mug is made for solo time, and takes a few tips from the traditional Japanese tea ceremony at the same time. Heat-resistant to save your hands, this cup keeps your tea warm while it steeps and you concentrate on getting zen. The vibrant touch of color adds just the right amount of energy to an object that encourages serenity.

Clip Clip Spoon

HAY's minimalist, architecture-inspired designs continue to impress, this time with their multi-tasking Clip Clip Spoon. The clever kitchen utensil doubles up as a measuring spoon and a clip that can seal a bag—whether it's coffee, sugar or anything else that needs measuring and sealing. Not only is it functional, but it looks sophisticated in a brass-colored stainless steel.

Three Potato Four
Naughty + Nice Key Rings

Philadelphia's Three Potato Four has a wide range of retro hotel-inspired key rings, but this year they have released a catchy, limited edition style just for the holiday season. Available in white on pink, or red on white, they say "Naughty" on one side and "Nice" on the other. Made in the USA.

Blue Crow Media
Concrete Tokyo Map

Full of unique, influential and fascinating concrete structures in Tokyo, this guidebook is in Japanese and English, and aimed at locals and visitors alike. With maps to striking buildings designed by Tadao Ando, Le Corbusier, Tengo Kanze and more, the book is edited by Naomi Pollock and features photography by Jimmy Cohrssen. Price is in Euros.

Samin Nosrat
Salt Fat Acid Heat

The stack of cookbooks gathering dust on the counter indicates that they're more food porn-turned-coffee-table-read than actually useful come dinnertime. Samin Nosrat's photography-free, anti-recipe cookbook "Salt Fat Acid Heat" is a guide to really understanding the science of cooking—like how to use salt better (the right amount, the right time, the right form), or just how balancing a couple drops of vinegar can be to soup. Offering less instruction and more intuition, the illustrated manual might be the final addition ever to your cookbook collection.

Action Method
Action Book

Designed by the team at Behance and based on the Action Method (which is, in essence, breaking down projects into their primary components), the Action Book is more than a typical notepad. Sections exist on each page for dates, times and notes, but there are also defined areas to write down your action steps and even items on the back burner. Printed on 80lb via vellum cool white, the spiral bound notebook has 50 pages to help users tackle their future projects.

Ten Speed Press
What We See in the Stars

Beautifully illustrated by artist Kelsey Oseid, the new hardcover "What We See in the Stars: An Illustrated Tour of the Night Sky" explores the long-lasting human fascination with outer space. From identifying and explaining the constellations to myths, stories, science and more, the book contains 100+ hand-painted images. For kids and adults alike, it's a delightful trip into the cosmos.

Quirk Books
Basic Witches

By Jaya Saxena and Jess Zimmerman, the book "Basic Witches: How to Summon Success, Banish Drama, and Raise Hell with Your Coven" is full of spells, potions and enchantments, but mostly dollops of sensible advice. From experimenting with make-up to ending toxic friendships, reading tea leaves and more, there are plenty of tips for self-betterment. Encouraging readers to tap into their inner sorceress, this book is all about empowerment and self-care.

Rob Hodgson
Scary Bingo

As far as group games go, bingo might just be one of the easiest activities to enjoy. Now, artist Rob Hodgson has reimagined the classic with monsters and crazy creatures. There are googly-eyed counters, creepy characters and mythological beasts—and a monster head storage box for the 48 chips. Three people are needed to play (and three is also the recommended starting age) but bigger families can definitely all jump in.

Damaged Goods
Fortune Cookie Note Card

There's still nothing like a handwritten note—and paper matters. From NYC's Damaged Goods (and creators John Hardy and Nicholas DelRose) comes a line of "nom nom nom" cards featuring our personal favorite, the fortune cookie. Select stock meets thoughtful design, all bound with an environmentally conscious production. These are statement-making, small batch cards.

Perfect Putty

Founded by Cutler Brooklyn's Tyson Kennedy—the hairdresser who doesn't look like a hairdresser, maybe due to his other life as a rock musician—the Fatboy styling line started with this creamy homemade putty that he created for his own hair. A casual, effortless look comes easily, with equally nonchalant packaging. Fatboy has recently added a shampoo and conditioner set to their roster, too.

Chronicle Books
"I Fought the Law" Photo Book

Part trivia, part photo book, Olivia Locher's new "I Fought the Law: Photographs by Olivia Locher of the Strangest Laws from Each of the 50 States" is both pretty and witty. Explore the weird and wild laws (some of which still stand) from all over the States—for instance, in Connecticut pickles must bounce in order to be considered pickles officially. With a foreword by poet Kenneth Goldsmith, it's a highly entertaining book.

Penguin Random House
Things Are What You Make of Them

From CH favorite Adam J Kurtz comes another book of positive vibes: "Things Are What You Make of Them: Life Advice for Creatives." Entirely handwritten on perforated tear-and-share pages, the book is full of advice, inspiration and empathy for creatives of all kinds. In Kurtz's classic style, it's cheeky and funny, but ultimately kind, generous and empowering. If you're feeling a creative block, open at any page.

Little Lovely Company
Brontosaurus Lamp

Free from BPA, lead and phthalate, this happy little dinosaur will brighten up any child's room. Providing a soft glow, the pale gray Brontosaurus can be used as a nightlight, thanks to its clever internal self-timer which switches itself off after 15 minutes. Running on LR44 batteries (which come included), this dino light should last for 20 hours before needing new batteries. Price is in Euros.

Chronicle Books
It's Great to Create

NYC-based artist Jon Burgerman has just released a fun and inspiring activity book called "It's Great to Create: 101 Fun Creative Exercises for Everyone." Perfect for anybody who wants to unleash their artistic side, but isn't sure where to start, Burgerman's book offers lots of ideas—from making art with cereal, combining several markers to create a "Megapenopolis," to adding googly eyes to just about anything, there are plenty of off-beat and entertaining ideas.

Flight 001
4-In-1 Power Adapter

Compact and usable in 150+ countries, this travel adaptor is four plugs in one. Color-coded to be extra easy to use (thanks to the included map), it's made of ABS plastic. Since it breaks apart, you can travel with the entire piece (if going to multiple countries) or simply take the one adaptor needed.

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