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Evernote + Côte&Ciel
Icon Rucksack

A kind of technical catch-all, Evernote allows users of its app to organize and save everything from an audio to-do list to bookmarks for an ongoing research project. Now fans of the ever-useful app can show their devotion with Evernote's new rucksack, created in collaboration with Côte&Ciel.

Working Girls
Working Girls Cap

Paying homage to the 1988 movie and all bossed-up women, this 100% cotton, adjustable cap keeps it simple. Embroidered with the words "Working Girls," it's part of the eponymous Cincinnati-based label's spring 2017 collection. The brand—despite its name—also makes clear that everything they make is for all genders, simply saying "Unisex. Wear What You Want."

Morgan Lane
Bat-Shaped Sleep Mask

Embrace your inner Batman with this bat-shaped sleep mask. Made from 100% silk (perhaps more Bruce Wayne's taste) it's incredibly soft and comfortable on the eyes and set into place with an elastic band. The embroidered mask comes with a carry pouch—to keep it clean and safe—and will surely help your next snooze, whether at home or in transit.

House of Hackney
Palmeral Towel

House of Hackney's vibrant, vibey Palmeral Towel is made in collaboration with Feiler, and produced in Germany from 100% cotton. With a smoky blue '70s-influenced palm tree motif and a white border, it's just kitsch enough without being gimmicky. Use it around the house to invoke those sultry vacation memories. Price is in Euros.

Børge Mogensen for Fredericia Furniture
Hunting Chair

Børge Mogensen's Hunting Chair is a beautiful piece of design, though it comes at a price. Somewhat resembling a deck chair, this piece is more architectural and crafted from oak and leather. Brass is also used—with large but stylish buckles allowing the chair to adjust. It's available in black or natural leather with lacquered, soaped or exposed wood—our pick is certainly the latter. This is a stunning piece to add to any home.

Ten Speed Press
Animals of a Bygone Era: An Illustrated Compendium

Written by Stockholm-based illustrator and architect Maja Säfström, this little hardcover book is as educational for adults as it is for children. Full of sweet and strange creatures (like the Opabinia, an ancient sea creature; and the Indriotherium; a hornless rhino) the book's illustrations are delightful. Moreover, each animal featured is accompanied by fascinating facts, for example: Giant Pacarana were rodents the size of cows, who had 12-inch teeth. Or terror birds (Phorusrhacids) which were taller than humans and were South America's greatest predator for some time. It's a charming way to learn about these remarkable animals, and indeed the complicated and temporary nature of life on Earth.

"Resist Persist Insist" T-Shirt

With all proceeds from the sale of this T-shirt going to organizations supported by Design for Progress (Planned Parenthood, Everytown for Gun Safety, the ACLU, the Southern Poverty Law Center, Human Rights Campaign, EarthJustice, and the National Immigration Law Center), you can feel good about sporting this garb. Made from soft gauge cotton modal jersey, it's got a worn-in and vintage look and feel, and the message is simple: Resist, Persist, Insist.

Bond Sunglasses

Blending an architecturally-framed shape with the classic aviator, these rose gold and blue Bond sunglasses by Haze will make your surroundings look extra vibey. Crafted from metal and titanium, and with mirror lenses, they offer 100% UV protection—and look super-sharp at the same time.

Ader Error
"Good Mood" Socks

Made from 100% cotton, these ribbed socks lend a little positivity to the day—thanks to their "Good Mood" embroidery. Available in white (with black lettering) they feature non-slip rubber under the sole. They measure approximately 23 to 27cm and are—of course—for all genders.

Self Love Necklace

Half the reason to buy this "Self Love" choker by Prrrl is because they are donating all 100% of proceeds to Brooklyn's HEAT Program (Health and Education Alternatives for Teens) for the month of March. The service offers developmentally and culturally appropriate care for young people of all genders and sexualities who are at risk of HIV/AIDS. The other half, of course, is the sterling silver (with rhodium charms) necklace itself, which should serve as a reminder to be kind and respectful to yourself.

Tanner Goods
Everyday Tote

Always marrying function with form, Tanner Goods has just released a new bag that easily transitions from the office or class to the market, brunch and back again. Made from durable, waxed 18-ounce twill canvas and vegetable-tanned Meridian English bridle leather, the Everyday Tote is far superior to the average cotton or canvas tote. With plenty of pockets and a full-length zipper, treasures stay safe and secure. Schlepping heavier objects is also made easier, thanks to the adjustable, wide leather straps.

Camp Pineapple
Cactus Tent

Covered in very cute illustrations of cacti, this bright yellow tent by Australian brand Camp Pineapple is a delightfully playful alternative to standard issue tents. Since the tent is a pop-up it's easy to assemble, and once set up it stands at 91cm tall. Whether you're camping at a music festival or in the middle of the woods, this tent will stand out.

DJ Stretch Armstrong + Evan Auerbach
No Sleep: NYC Nightlife Flyers 1988-1999

Step into a time capsule of NYC's nightlife scene in the '80s to '90s—when DJs and promoters would print flyers (often made by people with no design experience) by the thousands and hope their events would spread by word of mouth. Though the internet killed this DIY practice, these ephemeral pieces of paper, with their arresting aesthetic, have been collected to make a book filled with attitude and nostalgia. After selling out its initial run, "No Sleep" is now available thanks to a second printing—nab while you can.

Loft Record Console

Made from high-quality North American Walnut, Wrensilva's new Loft console is a beautiful and useful piece. Capable of playing music via vinyl, Sonos, mobile (3.5mm jack) or auxiliary (RCA), it's a music machine that will complement almost any room in the home. Additionally, there's storage for 120 records, making the Loft the pinnacle of form meeting function.

Co-Op Quarter Dome Air Hammock

Crafted from lightweight ripstop nylon and bug-repelling mesh, REI's Quarter Dome Air Hammock also happens to be a swaying, functional tent. Built for one occupant seeking a sleeping area off the ground, the hammock comes complete with a nylon rainfly, shock-corded poles and dacron lines—all of which stow into a carry bag. And, if you just want to rest for a quick second under the sky or stars, simply flip it over and it's no different than your average hammock.

No Fun Press
UFO Sighting Notebook

Not just a blank notebook, the Project Blue Book UFO Sighting Guide is full of important factors to record in case you ever see an alien craft. It's a copy of the declassified official government UFO sighting survey which used to be issued to members of the US Air Force—in case they saw anything out of the ordinary. With sections asking whether the object changed shape, gave off smoke, flickered, etc, there is plenty of information to fill out. Embrace your inner Mulder or Scully, and find the truth out there.

Gae Aulenti
Martinelli Luce Ruspa Lamp

Italian designer Gae Aulenti's iconic vision for Martinelli Luce Italy lighting dates back to 1968. To this day the shifting arm on the base and the independent rotation of the two reflectors provide more than just visual nuance, but functional value for targeting luminescence. Composed of white lacquered metal, this lamp stands just shy of two feet tall.

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