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Mr and Mrs Smith
Boutique Hotel Gift Card

Starting at $50, Mr and Mrs Smith's "Get a Room!" gift cards can be used at any Smith hotel. From Patagonia to Siem Reap, Karnataka to Fiji and beyond, there are 1105 hotels to choose from—each as appealing as the last. Choose from limited edition designs on the front, and add your own personal message inside to help somebody get a little closer to their dream vacation.

The Wanderer Travel Case

Aptly named The Wanderer, this empty case is made to fill with the PHLUR scent you already own. Super-simple to use, simply pump the larger bottle into the travel-sized spray—no need to buy separate mini fragrances. Made from aircraft-grade aluminum, it's super-sturdy and TSA-approved.

This is Ground
Plug Pack

Traveling nowadays is impossible without plenty of tech accessories—even if you're not traveling for work. From earbuds to power adaptors, various chargers and cords, it can all become a big tangled mess. Specifically designed to store a laptop charger, USB cords, in-ear headphones, plugs and batteries, This is Ground's Plug Pack keeps tech essentials neat and organized. Made from 100% vegetable-tanned Italian leather, it's available in toffee, cognac or charcoal coloways.

Sprayable Sleep
Melatonin Spray

Whether traveling between time-zones, on long-haul flights, or simply having restless nights, melatonin is—of course—a common, natural sleep aid. Usually it's taken in tablet form, but Sprayable Sleep offers something different. This innovative, patent-pending spray is applied just like perfume—meaning it won't mess with your stomach—and will have you on a better sleep schedule in no time.

Mr Dog
Pet Travel Tote

Available in small or medium, Mr Dog's tote bag makes it easy to travel around town with a pet. Super-soft and cushioned, the bag has a dense latex foam interior that offers comfort to the creature within. The exterior boasts a camo print, and the entire product is washable. There's also an attached leash to make sure your dog (or cat) doesn't get away.

Large Tote Bag

Predominantly composed of canvas with an affixed vegetable-tanned leather embellishment, Feit's new large tote is the epitome of the functional bag. A simply modern design accompanies a substantial amount of stow space. This bag's strength is ease of use but with components handmade by Florentine artisans in Italy, there's definitely a luxuriant edge.

The Glad Hours x Austin Motel
Fingernails Sleep Mask

This sleep time product is a tale of two cities: produced by The Glad Hours, the silk pajama-makers based in LA, and stocked at the one-floor Austin Motel. The blood red fingernails on this silk eye mask match the red-orange vinyl cushion bed-frames and lip-shaped bedside phones—and signal the wrath to come of whoever disturbs thy beauty sleep. It's a hotel-level amenity worth bringing home.

Blue Crow Media
Concrete Tokyo Map

Full of unique, influential and fascinating concrete structures in Tokyo, this guidebook is in Japanese and English, and aimed at locals and visitors alike. With maps to striking buildings designed by Tadao Ando, Le Corbusier, Tengo Kanze and more, the book is edited by Naomi Pollock and features photography by Jimmy Cohrssen. Price is in Euros.

Arlo Skye
The Check-In Suitcase

A new release after their much-loved Carry-On accessory, Arlo Skye's forthcoming Check-In suitcase features an elegant but durable micro-texturized polycarbonate shell with an aluminum-alloy trim. This also makes it lightweight, in addition to offering scratch-resistance. Resting on 60mm wheels, it's both mobile and spacious enough for extended travel and with no zippers—and it's quiet as can be. Available for pre-order now, the Check-In is expected to ship 28 November.

Flight 001
4-In-1 Power Adapter

Compact and usable in 150+ countries, this travel adaptor is four plugs in one. Color-coded to be extra easy to use (thanks to the included map), it's made of ABS plastic. Since it breaks apart, you can travel with the entire piece (if going to multiple countries) or simply take the one adaptor needed.

Ann Ringstand
Scented Travel Candle Collection

Handmade in Sweden, Ann Ringstand's delicious candles fill your home with calm, alluring scent. For those who want to take that away with them, it's easy: the brand now offers a set of three candles in travel-sizes. A little larger than a tea light, each candle comes in its own tin and burns for five hours. The three fragrances: Ground, Gather, and Touch are all soft and warm but each boasts different notes—from citrus to pepper to cedar. Price is in Euros.

Pocket Farmacy

Featuring some of our favorite oils from Saje, the Pocket Farmacy is a new travel essential for us at CH. The light, easily packable set includes Peppermint Halo (for headaches), Gutzy (for stomach pain) and more, so that many ailments and stresses potentially brought on by travel are looked after. Each vial contains 0.2 fl, so it's airplane-safe too.

Jason Markk
Travel Shoe-Cleaning Kit

For anybody who travels for work or simply likes to make a good impression, a rainy day or unexpected spill can throw your appearance out. Perfect for some of these minor catastrophes, Jason Markk's travel shoe-cleaning kit means you won't have to panic and buy a new pair of wheels—rather you can spruce up the ones on your feet. This kit includes a two-ounce premium shoe cleaner, a mini premium brush, microfiber towel, and three wipes—all of which are TSA-approved and made in the USA.

DP-16L Olive Daypack

With a shell of Cordura Ballistic Fabric and a ripstop nylon interior lining, Repelica's Daypack can handle just about any irregularities in the weather. It weighs in at 2.5 pounds and an EVA compression molded back panel guarantees comfort. All of the additional hardware is heavy duty and weather-defiant. This backpack has been assembled to handle the hard days, but its slender minimalism makes it a stylistic fit for every day.

Beat Waist Bag

A less sporty, yet decidedly athleisure version of the fanny pack, Porter's Beat Bag is made from once-washed cotton canvas and comes in a subtle beige colorway. With several different compartments and pockets, functional organization is a key feature—whether wearing the bag around your waist or slung over your torso.

Foldable Backpack

Measuring 30.5 by 50cm, Ushbag's foldable backpack is big enough to store all your daily essentials, but it's anything but bulky or cumbersome. With lots of interior pockets, you can compartmentalize belongings for easy access. Handmade in Italy from a waterproof eco-leather material, these folding backpacks come in 10 different colorways. Price is in euros.

Morgan Lane
Bat-Shaped Sleep Mask

Embrace your inner Batman with this bat-shaped sleep mask. Made from 100% silk (perhaps more Bruce Wayne's taste) it's incredibly soft and comfortable on the eyes and set into place with an elastic band. The embroidered mask comes with a carry pouch—to keep it clean and safe—and will surely help your next snooze, whether at home or in transit.

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