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Charlie Rubin
Strange Paradise

The often mind-bending manipulations of objects and images by the talented young artist Charlie Rubin are collected in a new volume, aptly titled "Strange Paradise," in which Rubin displays a balanced knack for photography and its distortion.

I Know You Think You Know It All

Everyone knows a good quote can change perceptions, or even just brighten a day. With New York City-based writer Chris Black's collection of "advice and observations for you to stand apart in public and online" plenty never-before-heard quips offer exactly that: comedic insight on altering behaviors. While some are more serious that others, all of them carry wit and charm, drawn from Black's personal experiences with Know It Alls. As for our personal favorite, "Strive to be that person who has a personal blunt roller" definitely sends a clear, future-oriented message.

Chen Chen & Kai Williams
Marble Candleholder

Brooklyn-based experimental design duo Chen Chen and Kai Williams are well-known for creating functional art pieces that surprise. Finding the ideal balance between playfulness and elegance are their latest products—created exclusively for furniture design store The Future Perfect—marble candleholders. A little menorah, a little horseshoe and a lot of class.

Reigning Champ
Sea to Sky Crewneck

Vancouver-based sportswear brand Reigning Champ tirelessly advocates for attention to detail and doing the simple things exceedingly well, so it's no surprise that their made-in-Canada sweats are some of the best on the market. With the new Sea to Sky collection, the brand stepped up the technical features of a few of their apparel essentials to better suit an active lifestyle. Utilizing advanced fabric from Polartec, the pullover wicks moisture while a nylon front provides protection from the wind. An asymmetrical side zipper and pocket round out the details on this versatile piece, perfect for a hike or down day on the couch.

Mechanical Pencil

The days of passing down a good pen or mechanical pencil are not gone. In fact, Taiwanese design firm ystudio has an array of writing implements, crafted from brass, copper and bronze that are heirloom worthy. Each is distinct and magnificent, and will adopt elements of oxidization over time that will make it truly unique to the user. The mechanical pencil is a true standout, as it's a utensil not often associated with longevity. But as it's been forged from high quality materials (and refillable), it's guaranteed to last for everyone from aspiring authors to anyone who wants to write with style.

Olive and Poppy
Wine Barrel Cufflinks

For any wine enthusiast, upscale attire often accompanies tasting the best of the best while out on the town. Crafted from oak staves, formerly a part of Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon wine barrels, these elegant cufflinks pair well with formal occasions. They also lend a distinct, signature touch. No two pair will every be exactly the same, as the color is entirely determined by the wine stain. Designed by Anne Siegel and Nicole Hughes of California Wine Country's Olive and Poppy, these pieces carry the essence of Napa and beyond.

Cords for Music
Guitar Pick Cord Bracelet

While this made-in-USA brass guitar pick bracelet may look simple, its meaning is not. From the sale of each Pick Cord, $10 goes to Education Through Music, which partners with inner-city elementary and middle schools to establish sustainable, high-quality music education programs to reach every student, including those with special needs. As music programs are often the first to go when budgets are cut, this movement to make music a core academic subject is one that's needed.

Purely Perfect
Cleansing Creme

Michael Gordon, founder of Bumble and Bumble, envisions a future in which nobody shampoos. This seemingly radical idea turns into common sense once you realize that most shampoos have detergents and sulfates that strip natural oils and damage hair—requiring the use of conditioners and masks. The aloe vera and essential oil-based Cleansing Creme by Purely Perfect is free of all of the above, but don't let its lotion-like texture or lack of foaming scare you off. Our locks have never felt softer or more manageable, and our shower never cleaner, as it's the only hair product you really need. It's a must-have especially for those who dye or bleach their hair as it keeps the color in and further damage at bay.

Franc Bakon
One-of-a-Kind Denim Patchwork Jacket

Denim jackets become one-of-a-kind, wearable political and social commentary through designer McKenzie Rose's touch. Using the jackets as a base, Rose pieces together patches, cut-up T-shirts and other garments, buttons and pins—all from vintage and thrift stores—to tell a specific story with each piece. From "Crack Kills" to The Casualties, tales range from the musical to the controversial. All Franc Bakon pieces are hand-sewn by Rose himself, who spends the rest of his day working in a NYC leather shop.

Ingo Maurer
Toto Table Light

A better nickname for German-born, New York-based designer Ingo Maurer would be a "poet of light," as his whimsical creations surprise and evoke emotion. As a part of his I Ricchi Poveri lamp series, Maurer's Toto table light prompts us to recall our childhood and sense of wonder. The specially manufactured halogen bulb appears to float like a balloon, and has a cap with Mickey Mouse-like ears that rests on top.

Old Grand Dad
Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Something about the Bonded 100 proof bottling of this Kentucky bourbon speaks to its origins and continued success. It's not expensive, it's not fancy. It's just good old fun—with a higher amount of rye in the mashbill for lighter, spicier profile. The "Old Grand-Dad" mentioned happens to be distiller Basil Hayden (whose own namesake line also continues to wow). While he didn't develop this, his grandson did—and did so with fervor.

Wanda Nylon
Caban Victoire Raincoat

Made from clear polyurethane, this double-breasted caban raincoat from Paris-based Wanda Nylon is a good way to stay cheerful when the moody skies are offering nothing but seemingly never-ending spring showers. The multi-colored details are made from 100% cotton and the coat boasts patched flap pockets—to make sure your goods stay dry—and a removable hood. Pair with some bright rubber boots to actually look forward to heading out in the rain.

Bob Dylan: NYC 1961-1964

Back in 1961, photographer Ted Russell started capturing a relatively unknown Bob Dylan when the young artist had just moved to NYC. Russell shot the 20-year-old songwriter, recently signed to Columbia Records at the time, hanging out in his Greenwich Village apartment, practicing his guitar and performing in tiny venues. This new hardcover of never-before-published photos gives a charming peep into Dylan's life before he belonged to the world.

Helsinki Bluetooth Speaker

Danish audio company Vifa's latest portable offering comes in a petite, square-ish package but surprises with its power and sound quality. The Helsinki speaker, launched in time for this year's summer picnics and outdoor parties, comes with a beautiful leather strap for easy carrying; its grill is unusually covered in a custom made Kvadrat textile available in four soft colorways. Perfect for those who love music and design.

Chandally Jewelry
Pnina Earrings

These bold black pearl earrings by New York-based designer Sharon Chandally make a refined, powerful statement. Trained in Yemenite silversmithing by her great uncles, Chandally creates pieces influenced by ancient cultures but feel contemporary in the way they channel movement and sculpture. Respecting the fact that these pieces are worn so close to the body, Chandally uses only conflict-free stones as well as recycled or Fairmined metals.

The Weegee Guide to New York

For press photographer Weegee (born Usher Fellig), New York City was his muse; he spent his lifetime documenting urban life without prejudice, from spectators at gruesome crime scenes to elevator operator strikes to the crowds at Coney Island. In the book "The Weegee Guide to New York," 265 black and white images (many which have never been published) reveal the chaotic streets of New York from the 1930s to '60s. The book is thoughtfully organized by areas, from the Lower East Side and the Village to Brooklyn and Rockaway, and includes fold-out maps that indicate where Weegee shot each photo.

Poplin Homewear
Handmade Pajamas

For those who have been wearing the same T-shirt to bed for the past few years, upgrade your sleep style with these handmade pajamas from young Istanbul collective Poplin Homewear. With a focus on lightweight, pure fabrics—like sheer voile—many of the brand's pieces are refined enough to double as airy summer outfits. But the rest of the collection isn't afraid to get adventurous; such as jumpsuits and nightshirts for men, plus striped bodysuits and polka-dot kimono gowns for women.

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