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Prospective Flow
Suna Hat

Translated from Japanese, Sashiko stitching means "little stabs" or "little pierces." This is the technique with which Prospective Flow's Suna Hat has been crafted. Made from 100% cotton, this tulip style accessory is durable and packable—perfect for getaways. Available in three colorways—faded black, olive or natural—this off-white is our pick.

Jeremy Deller
"I Blame the Internet" Print

Conceptual, video and installation artist Jeremy Deller's "I Blame the Internet" print combines relatable sentiment, comedy, charm and perhaps a legitimate tech-fear. The piece, screen-printed on mirrored card-stock, was part of an edition of 150 and measures 17.7 by 25.2 inches. A divergence from his oftentimes political works, this piece comments on mass communication, connection and popular culture. (Price is in British Pounds.)

Limited Edition Pride Pack

With silver, rainbow-flecked glitter gloss (made for lips and/or skin) and an equality temporary tattoo stamp, Milk's Pride Pack is sheer celebration. All products included are vegan, cruelty- and talc-free. During June, the company is donating 50% of the packs' sales to The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center (aka The Center) which offers support, education and events for NYC's LGBTQ communities.

Poolside Indoor/Outdoor Rug

Available in five different sizes, this indoor/outdoor rug can be a picnic blanket, living room tapestry, poolside rug and more. Crafted from 100% PET—a fiber made from recycled plastic soda bottles—it's environmentally friendly and top quality. Soft and wool-like to the touch, it can be vacuumed, shaken or even hosed so cleaning is easy.

"As I Am" Pin

Right to the point, Poketo's colorful "As I Am" lapel pin is made to celebrate you as you are. Plus, for the month of June, 50% of the proceeds from sales with go directly to the Los Angeles LGBT Center, which offers the community support regarding health, housing, social services, education, leadership, advocacy and more. Last month the organization opened their 3,000-square-foot Trans Wellness Center—which is the result of six different local organizations joining forces.

Revel and Riot
"Queers for Fears" T-Shirt

This all-genders, four-color printed T-shirt boasts a delightful take on the '80s English pop band Tears for Fears. Reading "Queers for Fears—angrier and scarier than ever," the shirt is made from 100% jersey knit, heavyweight cotton and is available from small to XXXL. Best of all, Revel and Riot is an LGBTQ non-profit organization that also donates proceeds to other significant organizations all year—not just during Pride Month.

Rainbow Striped Socks

Celebrating and supporting the LGBTQ community (as they do every year) Levi's has released their 2018 Pride Collection, and our pick from it is the two-pack of striped socks. Made from 77% cotton, they have plenty of stretch and feature the all-familiar and cheerful rainbow flag colors.

Sandara Perfume

Inspired by a walk through Redwoods, PHLUR's new fragrance might be their freshest yet. Crisp, clean and summery, it's a scent for all genders and contains notes of forest air, violet, timur pepper, sandalwood and more. Made without parabens, phthalates, BHT, phenoxyethanol, polycyclic or alicyclic musks, all PHLUR's delightful perfumes are also hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, vegan, sustainably sourced and packaged using recycled materials—all reasons they're one of our favorite fragrance brands.

"Circle of Def" T-Shirt

Available in black and white, or navy and red stripes, Maté's "Circle of Def" T-shirt is 100% cotton and—thanks to its boxy cut, made for all genders. With an embroidered logo on the chest, the brand's newest collection is old school motor inspired.

Bug + Bite Insect Spray

With warmer weather, mosquitoes and other insects begin their annual annoyance, but Apothecanna's natural spray tackles it two-fold, it both repels bugs and relieves the itching associated with bites. Made with citronella (which is a repellent and antiseptic), eucalyptus, tea tree and peppermint oils, the potion also smells lovely (citrusy and woodsy), unlike most insect repellents on the market. Best yet, it can be sprayed all over—from face to feet—and it won't stain clothes.

Mademe + Converse
Platform One Star Sneakers

Somewhat inspired by the Riot Grrrl movement, NYC-based brand MadeMe has always had a strong "girls to the front" vibe and a '90s-influenced style. Their collaboration with Converse makes perfect sense—and the platform One Star sneakers within the collection, even more so. Available in green or yellow corduroy, and black or blue suede, each pair also comes with a second set of MadeMe logo laces. Made with premium leather lining, these sneakers are part of a limited edition spring range.

Minnesota Street Project Editions
Fluxus Coloring Book

From the mind of SF-based artist Brion Nuda Rosch, this second edition of the Fluxus coloring book (based on the art movement of the same name) features 12 new designs for readers to scribble, sketch and color in—or leave as is. The minimal but thoughtful 12-page zine is more or an "anti-coloring book" with lots of white space and just a few abstract shapes scattered throughout. Certainly an activity book for those with creative minds.

wacko maria
Mirrorball Hawaiian Shirt

From Japanese brand Wacko Maria (founded by former J-League Football's Nobuhiro Mori and Keiji Ishizuka) comes an Aloha shirt with a difference. Part outer-space, part disco, part Hawaiian-vibed, this shirt combines a bunch of themes for a mash-up that really works. The black and white colorway also elevates it, and means it can be worn on even more occasions.

Lily Puffs
Vegan Cheddar Puffs

Made with all-natural water lily seeds, organic extra virgin coconut oil, nutritional yeast, sea salt and paprika, Lily Puffs taste like a healthier version of cheese puffs—but with no actual cheese. With no sugar, these are a crunchy snack that satisfy, without any guilt. (Price is for six one-ounce packs.)

Working Girls Co
Lady Fair Papers

Referencing a very specific character's very specific invention from '90s cult movie "Romy and Michele's High School Reunion," these Lady Fair rolling papers are functional with a side of fun. With 32 papers in each pack, these king-sized pink papers are made for legal herbal use only and offer "twice the taste in half the time, for the girl on the go."

Joe Doucet Collaboration Jeans

Collaborating with award-winning designer Joe Doucet, NYC-based 3x1 wanted to reinvent current-day five-pocket jeans. The design—first crafted for workmen—has been reimagined with our tech-saturated lives in mind. Thus, these jeans boast several pragmatic yet thoughtful features—from microfiber pockets that help clean and protect devices to a larger coin pocket made for credit cards (which is also lined with RFID-blocking fabric) and a 3M reflective strip to keep you safe while commuting. Made for all genders, these jeans are carefully crafted from 12-ounce stretch selvedge denim from Kurabo, Japan and feel as good as they look.

Dog Retrieving Toy

From its blaze orange colorway to the FDA-approved food-grade polymer composition, Filson's Dog Retrieving Toy stands out from the rest. Its greatest attribute, however, stems from the fact that it was developed with scientists at Auburn University. They designed a toy that offers less occlusion—or blockage—to dog's breathing. This means more fun for longer.

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