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From high art and design to remote beaches, the "Magic City" lives up to its name

by Katie Olsen
on 30 August 2013
A melting pot located at the bottom tip of Florida, Miami is an exciting playground with international appeal. From its historic Art Deco glory days in the 1920s to its current position as the home to Art Basel, Miami has always been way more than simply a city on the sea. There are abundant opportunities to learn on a wider cultural scale thanks to its close proximity to Cuba and South America, and the city proudly fosters the fusion of these myriad cultures with well-conceived museums, design districts and restaurants. But the real beauty lies in the fact that in Miami, almost anything goes, and there's no place in the US that makes it so easy kick back and escape from everyday life. Take in some world class art, grab some fresh local cuisine, hit the beach and enjoy the fruits of this multifarious town. Advertisement