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Craft coffee, vintage shopping and farm-to-table dining in the heart of the Pacific Northwest

by Katie Olsen
on 29 August 2013
Nestled between the beautiful Cascade Mountains and the frigid Pacific Ocean, Portland has grown into a haven for those looking to live a simple, creative life. While many know the small town as the place where young people go to retire, a thriving creative community has proven the small city to be a hotbed for young designers and tech startups of varying disciplines, not to mention the longtime home of Nike and advertising powerhouse Wieden & Kennedy. A longstanding DIY mentality is responsible for the city being widely known as a pioneer in the farm-to-table food and craft brewing movements, as well as gaining national recognition for its wealth of artisan coffee roasters. Equally defining, few US cities have embraced progressive environmentally-focused values quite like the City of Roses, turning the challenges of sustainable living into opportunities to innovate. With Burnside street dividing north and south, and the Willamette River east and west, the city's four neighborhoods are each distinctly different in terms of socioeconomic standing, age and occupation, yet never feel disconnected. Meaning, you always feel like you're in Portland, no matter which corner of the city you're in. Advertisement