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Anima D'Acciaio Trailer

by Nathan Suberi
on 14 July 2009

An exclusive first peek, this trailer for Daniel Leeb's portrait of Italian bike frame-builder Giovanni Pelizzoli, aka "Ciocc," celebrates the renowned artisan and his work. The short film, called "Anima D'Acciaio" (Soul of Steel), documents Ciocc's expertise as he makes a new fixed gear frame by hand, sharing his insights into the craft and his life along the way.

With commentary by other Italian bike heavy-hitters, tricks by Ed "Wonka" La Forte and a soundtrack from Blonde Redhead's Amadeo and Simone Pace, we highly recommend seeing it on the big screen at the Bicycle Film Festival, where it plays this Saturday, 18 July 2009, in San Francisco. Check out the BFF site for more dates and locations.

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