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Line Up: Rigging Knots and Glimpses of a Master Class

Tight rope performer Philippe Petit in a gallery show

by Victor Reznik
on 14 December 2010

Philippe Petit, the daring performance artist who captured the world's attention when he rigged a tight rope between the World Trade Center's twin towers, is the focus of Clic Gallery's current exhibition "Line Up: Rigging Knots and Glimpses of a Master Class." Not only is Petit a incredibly skilled balancing act, but the multi-hyphenate artist is a bullfighter, street juggler, lock-picker and talented sketcher.

petitknot.jpg Splice_petit.jpg

His pencil drawings will be on display, along with rare photos of the man-in-perpetual-motion, shot by photographer Victoria Dearing.


The intimate exhibit will show Petit exploring the rigging knots that determine his fate when he is walking in the clouds as well as reveal a more philanthropic side of Petit, who has spent much of his life since his 1974 World Trade Center stunt imparting wisdom onto his students.

Meet Petit at the opening of "Line Up" tomorrow, 16 December 2010 and the show runs through 16 January 2011.

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