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Christian Jankowski: Living Sculptures

by Brian Fichtner
on 13 February 2009

Part of the Public Art Fund's current programming, Christian Jankowski's Living Sculptures, on view in the Doris Freedman Plaza in Central Park through April 2009, is a must see for New Yorkers and visitors alike. Essentially statues of people presenting themselves as statues, the triptych pays homage to the nameless performers who enliven most every metropolis through this humble art. Pay close attention to these sculptures and you'll soon spot the subtle details Jankowski uses to fuse the actual cultural figures—Ceasar, Dali's "Cabinet Woman" and Che Guevara—with the fictitious performers representing them.

Be sure to check out the other projects orchestrated by the Public Art Fund as well. From City Hall Park to the MetroTech Center in downtown Brooklyn, there's an installation to please every discerning eye.

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