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by Phuong-Cac Nguyen
on 14 August 2007

Now in its eighth year, the annual Electronic Language International Festival (FILE) is one of the biggest international events in São Paulo, bringing together recent techniques in art and technology and giving them a more studied view. This year's FILE, always free to the public, presents a diverse roster of disciplines related to new media, i.e. interactive films, video works, robots, A.I., games and more.

But it's not just a nerd event. A performance piece stars an umbrella called Amagatana that when swung sounds like a swashbuckling sword fight. (Pictured below left.) Amagatana is also MP3-connectible so you can presumably sing in the rain while slashing with the beat.


In the installations category, Karolina Sobecka's animated tiger (pictured above right), projected from a car, appears to run along walls, disappearing and reappearing as the image moves over surfaces. In addition, 30 lectures and roundtables make up the symposium schedule for academics to discuss theory and new media issues.

From the ReacTable, bizarre sound board that starred in Bjork's recent Coachella show, to Ernesto Klar's dust particle visualizations, FILE is like a world's fair of art and technology with an abundance of novelties vying for attendees' attention. The event runs until 9 September 2007.