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Ian Brown -- Solarized

by Ari Bendersky
on 17 February 2005

It’s always been amazing to me how British music fans can completely and wholly rally around an artist, like Robbie Williams or Kylie and America just doesn’t pay any attention.

Such is the case with Ian Brown. Many of you likely know him as the frontman for the Stone Roses – ah, the Stone Roses, where dance music seamlessly meshed with rock. For without the Roses we wouldn’t have had Oasis, "Screamadelica"-era Primal Scream and countless other BritPop acts – even Coldplay. But, in America, the Stone Roses? It seems like people could care less.

Well now they should. Because Ian Brown is releasing his fourth – yes fourth – solo record. And it’s brilliant. It’s been out in the UK since last fall and it’s finally getting a proper release in the States on Feb. 22.

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