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Jimenez Lai

by Josh Rubin
on 04 March 2008

A simple description of Jimenez Lai's work is difficult. Taking architectural plans and renderings, the Ohio-based artist brings them into the world of comics, drawings and models in two- and three-dimensions. The juxtaposition exposes the absurdity of CAD in comics and comics in CAD. (Click image for detail.)

This isn't the first time Jimenez Lai has been written up but now he's breaking through with an exhibition at Los Angeles' Junc Gallery.

Teaming up with Materials & Applications, a research center that promotes the new and underutilized (good) ideas for landscape, architecture and art, Lai's installation, "Phalanstery Module" will open in April in M&A's outdoor exhibition space. (Check out our video on M&A for more info on what they do there.)

Jimenez Lai
Opening Reception: 8 March 2008, 7-10pm
8-26 March 2008
Junc Gallery
4017 Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90029 map
tel. +1 213 814 2640

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