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JR: "Los Surcos de la Ciudad"

by Tim Yu
on 27 July 2008

by Kyle Small

The 25-year-old Parisian street artist is at it again. JR, the man best known for his his active combination of photography and social commentary, recently hit Carthagena, Spain to tell his newest story.

Called “Los Surcos de la Ciudad” (the grooves of the city), it's the result of three days JR spent photographing Carthagena's oldest citizens in an attempt to examine the history behind the ancient port town. By pasting blown-up versions of these pictures on different building all around the city, JR juxtaposes the new and old, what is changing and what is staying the same. Using the city as his gallery, he's once again effectively asked questions about both spacial and temporal existence while also commenting on the social issues surrounding the world today through his underground and highly controversial art style.


via Wooster Collective

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