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by Phuong-Cac Nguyen
on 24 August 2007

When Homer Olivetti and his partner were procuring an office for their film production company Ouro 21 in São Paulo, they knew they wanted to be part of the energy inside the multi-story alternative shopping mall Galeria Ouro Fino. The top floor of the building was dilapidated, practically all of the shops were vacant and upon inquiring into the possibility of renting some space there, the owner informed them they could have it—with the caveat that they would have to go for the entire floor, take it or leave it. What's a company to do with all that room?


Rent it out to friends in the same creative mindset, naturally. Word quickly spread and the duo found out many had been looking for a prime setting to work. Olivetti renovated the floor, named it Lage, added a hangout area with pool table and couches in the middle and fixed up the huge balcony featuring a killer view of São Paulo to make it party-ready. Soon after that, a sticker gallery, writer's office, publicity company, clothing designers and digital creative studios were among the sub-leasers to move in. They're currently all co-existing in harmony, and Olivetti says clients have the benefit of a one-stop shop because the tenants, together, offer such a diverse palette of services. In a city as big as São Paulo, it's a rare to find this type of environment in one place.

Despite its primary function as an office collective, the floor is open to the public and you can visit it during Galeria Ouro Fino’s regular hours.

Laje Rua Augusta, 2690
Jardins, São Paulo
tel. +11 3062 0169

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