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Michel Auder and Andrew Neel: The Feature

by Tamara Warren
on 20 March 2009

If the best work comes from life experience, then Michel Auder married well. Or at least he married intriguing people—Viva, a Warhol superstar and photographer Cindy Sherman—who added color to his already vibrant life story. The Paris-born artist and filmmaker has done just about everything interesting in the past forty years. To prove it, he kept a diary of his days in the form of video journals. The material he compiled makes for juicy content to shape the fictional film of a life biography. "The Feature” made its New York premier earlier this week and runs through 24 March 2009 before traveling to festivals around the globe. (Check the film's site for more info on screenings.)

Auder made the film with Andrew Neel, grandson of artist Alice Neel, who shot new scenes to add context to the piece. An abstract biopic, 15-hour diaries, two-hour narratives and one-minute haikus all played a role in making up the epic film. Here is the answer to the memoir based on true story, a surreal voyage that brushes with couture, savoir faire and Warhol's Factory.

The Feature
Through 24 March 2009
Anthology Film Archives
32 Second Avenue
New York, NY 10003 map
tel. +1 212 505 5181

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