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A poster show reimagines arcade classics for today

by Julie Wolfson
on 17 January 2011

"Multiplayer" relives the beauty and simplicity of the '80s arcade with a group show—including the likes of Dave Perillo, The Silent Giants, Mike Budai and more—atGallery 1988's newly-opened westside location.

Sponsored by OMG Posters, the screen-printed works span Zelda to Frogger. Artist Kevin Tong's labor-intensive take on Tetris (seen in the video above) is sure to excite the Illustrator crowd, while the collection of quintessential cartridges on display will certainly enthuse the diehard Nintendo fans.


"Multiplayer" continues the gallery's video game theme established in the previous "I Am 8-Bit" exhibit previously showcased at 1988, but the broader reach here looks beyond the classic characters to the entire realm of gaming.

The show runs through 4 February 2010 at Gallery 1988's Santa Monica location, and a limited-edition set of posters will be given out to lucky "Multiplayer" patrons.

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