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New York Dolls: Photographs

by CH Contributor
on 17 October 2008

by Ariston Anderson

Before the Sex Pistols and before the Ramones, there was the New York Dolls, one of the first boy bands that wasn't afraid to dress like women. Renowned rock photographer Bob Gruen's new book, "New York Dolls: Photographs," is not quite your average coffee table book. Unless you like your living room reading to be a reminder of just how quickly the rock 'n' roll lifestyle can age you.

Wrapped in a pink satin cover, it contains over 200 intimate images of the Dolls, the first collection of the band that redefined hard rock for the glam crowd. With text by "Please Kill Me" author Legs McNeil and an afterword by Morrissey, Gruen's unfettered access to the band tells a story of pure indulgence, a path paved by the band way before it was de riguer.


The book is available for purchase at the International Center for Photography and Amazon.

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