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Phoenix Rising

by Ari Bendersky
on 06 June 2005

It’s funny when people who like music, but aren’t necessarily totally into music, inform me about a new band. Such was the case last week when Josh, the editor of this website, wrote to ask if I have ever heard of this group called Phoenix.

I emailed him back with some sort of smart-ass response that went something like, “Have I ever heard of them? Have you ever heard of Adidas?”

When Phoenix dropped Alphabetical early last year, something clicked for me. As soon as I heard the CD, I knew good things were happening in music (and see, then all of these other bands started popping up out of nowhere and everyone, including myself, started celebrating the “revolution” taking place in rock). This was Phoenix’s second album and it had a much tighter, more refined sound than their first, United, which came out nearly four years earlier. It was filled with a smattering of influences including ‘80s pop, uplifting retro ditties a la ‘70s SoCal singer-songwriters and even a little hip-hop.

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