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Second Life: Light Bulb Magazine

East of Borneo brings back LA-based music and art magazines from the '70s

by Lauren Espeseth
on 25 September 2013

The online publication based in LA East of Borneo has embraced the magic of print in a series called Second Life, in which they bring back the long-lost printed wonders of decades past. For one of their latest revivals, East of Borneo brought back the art and music culture of the '70s with Light Bulb Magazine, a publication made by artists, for artists.

The unbound, 60 or so page magazine is printed "occasionally" by the Los Angeles Free Music Society in Pasadena, California. Comprised of suggestive collage-style graphics, daring poetry and candid interviews, Light Bulb's rebellious, free-thinking message and DIY aesthetic draws the reader into the decade's artist-style living.


The original Light Bulb made the most of its limited funds using 8.5 x 11 looseleaf, photocopying and cardboard boxes. Keeping with the original format, Second Life: Light Bulb 1977-1981 includes reproductions of works originally contributed by Chip Chapman, Dennis Duck, Ace Farren Ford and Pat Fish, along with a uniquely designed "cover" with custom stencil and stamp stickers applied by hand then sealed with duct tape. Inside, readers will find a myriad of stream of consciousness-style writings and poems, tragic news stories from the '70s, Halloween-inspired graphics and Dr Seuss-gone-mad cartoons. The rampant drama keeps the pages turning and, as an added gift, East of Borneo includes a second set of statement stickers inside the box.

Light Bulb is available from East of Borneo for $35.

Photos by Lauren Espeseth

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