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Something Glorious Is Happening

by Ari Bendersky
on 04 April 2005

A band has to be hot to sell out a decent-sized venue – in advance – the same week its debut album drops, not to mention selling out in numerous cities. It doesn’t hurt that they played five packed shows at South By Southwest. Nor does being featured in a number of magazines and newspapers, including the New York Times, Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, the NME and URB, hurt your image. But what do you expect from a band that a little more than a year ago was without a recording contract?

The biggest buzz band of the year (they may even surpass Franz Ferdinand’s “It” factor of 2004), Bloc Party lives up to the hype their self-titled EP and full-length, Silent Alarm, have garnered. In fact, the claim that many critics are calling Bloc Party the “next” Franz Ferdinand or one of the bands trying to making it to Franz Land is ridiculous. Not only are they in the same peer group and have hit the scene within the same general era, Bloc Party leaps slightly above where Franz set the mark. The (r)evolution in rock is now.

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