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State of Play II

by Josh Rubin
on 04 November 2004


Carol T. Chung attended the State of Play II conference this past weekend, which was sponsored by the New York Law School and Yale Law School from Oct 28 – 30. Here's her report:

THERE IS NO SPOON – I don’t think I’ll be able to watch that movie for a long time. There was no escaping it. Even the cable channel tbs was against me Saturday night when I got home. Before the screen even came up, some ridiculous commercial break announcer was screaming out the line repeatedly like a parrot squawking for dear life. But regardless of the evil television forces that are out to get me (i.e. the syndication of a certain show, I won’t name names, with four girls in a metropolitan city), the analogy seemed absolutely fitting in regards to virtual worlds and was unavoidably impossible to shake off once Yochai Benkler (Yale School of Law) mentioned it during the Intellectual Property/Digital Property panel on Friday morning.

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