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This is Vanity

Burgeoning British filmmaker Oliver Goodrum shares his award-winning work on Vimeo

by CH Contributor
on 12 June 2013

by Andrea DiCenzo


Beautifully shot and impeccably directed, Oliver Goodrum's first short film, "This is Vanity" premiered online as one of Vimeo's Staff Picks . The short film, which has gone on to win Best Drama at Magnolia Independent Film Festival and the Audience Award at Bermuda International Film Festival, is the harrowing tale of a young mother and her disabled teenage daughter struggling to overcome bullying in a small town in England. Not an easy pill to swallow—especially considering the idea stems from a real life story that made headlines across the UK in 2011. However, the ambitious film takes on this dark subject matter with a great amount of dignity and grace.

An excellent performance from a largely unknown cast (with the exception of Primeval star Lucy Brown's brilliant performance as Angela) and the almost lyrical cinematography bring a softness and beauty that balances out the otherwise hard-hitting narrative.


This independent production has done exceedingly well considering its humble backing, which the director very honestly proclaims was mostly funded by himself and his brother-cum-producer, James Goodrum.

You can currently watch the 23-minute-long, emotionally moving film in its entirety above, or over at Vimeo.

Images courtesy of Oliver Goodrum

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