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Areaware's New Wall Decals

by CH Contributor
on 23 July 2009

by Laura Neilson


Forward-thinking and CH fave design purveyor Areaware recently added a new line of vinyl wall decals to its inventory. Unlike the generic, monochromatic stenciled shapes and forms found in many wall stickers, Areaware's custom-made stock ranges from clever single-element designs to large-scale mural installations of fantastical landscapes and whimsical decorations.


The NYC-based company's collection comprises more than 200 different decals created by artists from around the world, including Adrien Gardere, French graffiti artist Fafi, Ich & Kar and Tado.


Whether jazzing up an otherwise blank wall, adding an otherworldly dimension to a room or simply brushing up on your multiplication tables, Areaware's new offerings provide a stylish and commitment-free alternative to paint jobs and wallpapering.

Prices rage from $72-850, at Areaware.
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