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Dimension One Spas

by Ami Kealoha
on 04 August 2008

Committed to design innovation and quality, there's a reason why Dimension One is known as the Rolls Royce of hot tub-makers. Their award-winning products consider art, science and technology, reflecting over 30 years in the business and an excess of 30 patents. When D-1 invited me out to California for a visit to their showroom and factory earlier this year (see images below), these values were apparent in everything from senior designer Victor Walker's enthusiasm to the first-rate experience of being in one of their tubs to their eco-minded approach.

Dimension One's line ranges from the ultra-luxurious Sarena Bay model with 86 jets and seating for seven to their new Aquatic Fitness System, which offers a total body, low-impact workout. All tubs in the line feature trademarked components that are designed around comfort and the therapeutic effects of the jets. They're also customizable with fountains, lights, music and various trims as part of D-1's goal of creating the ultimate hot tub experience. What's more, the engineers use superior insulation. pump and purifying techniques for more energy-efficient systems with less harsh chemicals. Their UltraPure system, after zapping the water with their patented ozone process and UV light, actually uses the heat generated by the purification process to also heat the water.


While their standard backyard spas update the '70s hot tub lifestyle for today's customers who are looking for health benefits and relaxation, D-1's Aquatic Fitness system is a next-level take on hydrotherapy. Like other pools designed for swimming, users can swim against the current for endless laps, but they also have a system of bars, ankle cords, resistance bands and other add-ons, all designed to work with water pressure for a complete "underwater gym." Though it felt a little awkward at first, it was easy to get used to, I was surprised by how challenging the workout was and pleased by the lack of harmful impact to the body.

While Dimension One spas are on the pricey side (spas start at $15,000 and Aquatic Fitness models are $25,000 and up), it's the kind of investment worth making if you're serious about hot-tubbing! Contact Dimension One for more info and to find a dealer.

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