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F3 Design: Guywire Jewelry Collection

by Brian Fichtner
on 08 July 2008

F3 Design's Guywire collection proves that most any material can be manipulated in the service of creative expression. Combining industrial stainless steel wire of varying thicknesses and copper sleeves, the design studio makes unisex jewelry befitting both boutique and hardware store alike. Currently the collection consists of a series of bracelets and earrings (pictured), though there's clearly opportunity to expand into necklaces, rings and other forms of body jewelry


Based out of Christchurch, New Zealand, F3 Design is an unusual enterprise in today's age of family dispersion, comprised as it is of the nuclear family, the Wright-Stows. Mother and father, Angela and Stuart, have operated a gallery in Christchurch for years, nurturing young, emerging talent. Their son, Pippin, works in architecture and design, while their daughter Ella, studied sculpture and lives in Melbourne. It's not every day you find a family working together toward a common artistic goal, which makes F3 Design all the more appealing.

Guywires can be purchased through the New Zealand design store

via Notcot

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