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Freedom Of Creation: The Smallest Show in Milan

by Leonora Oppenheim
on 03 April 2007

The Amsterdam-based design company Freedom Of Creation (FOC) was one of our highlights of last year’s 100% Design Show in London. The beautiful organic forms in their lighting design and their extraordinary rapid manufactured textiles both stood out from the crowd.

FOC’s use of the laser sintering process—allowing complex forms to be built up in layers—has now been expanded to a more commercial use by Hyundai. Their floor carpets designs for the new concept car QarmaQ were recently previewed at the Geneva Car show and will continue to be shown at all the international car shows in 2007.

We particularly love FOC’s latest designs, soon to be launched at the Milan Furniture Fair. This fruit tray (pictured above right) is a newly developed design using sand as inspiration.

FOC will present their work at "The Smallest Show in Milan" from 18-23 April 2007 at
Upstairs Event
via Tortona 31
Milan, Italy

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