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Gino the Dog Collection: Design for Pets

by Ami Kealoha
on 11 June 2008

by Laurice Parkin


Fans of Gaia & Gino, the Turkish company known for its quirky, luxe design objects, may not know that Gino is actually of the canine four-legged variety. So, it's only fitting that Gino, the beloved Golden Retriever of founder Gaye Cevikel (aka Gaia), has a say in the company's latest collection. Simply titled "Gino the Dog", the line's first collection melds form and function in a way that can be appreciated by human and canine alike.

The creation of the line was as exceptional as the pieces it yielded. In 2006, Gaia & Gino sponsored a six-month project in a studio class at the California College of the Arts in San Francisco where young, creative upstarts were given the opportunity to prove themselves with dog-friendly designs. Under the leadership of ever-prolific Yves Behar, a select few were chosen to be a part of the impressive debut collection deemed worthy of Gino's affection.


Our favorite is the "Wild" water and food bowl designed by Brandon Warren. The beautiful, glazed porcelain bowls were inspired by the organic, sculptural formations of river rock. Also look for the "Chew" designed by Jennifer Yoko Olson, a rubber toy which doubles as a table leg protector (in case your canine companion has the habit of mistaking your lovely table leg for a chew toy).

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