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Graft: Kanera 1 E Sink

by Josh Rubin
on 19 August 2008

Slated to open Spring 2009, the new W New York Downtown Hotel and Residences brings a number of media-worthy gems (a $2,000 per square foot pricetag, for example), but this stunning sink by Graft, the building's award-winning interior designers, is what caught our attention. Looking at the bathroom as "a place of purification, relaxation, revitalization and timelessness, "Graft came up with the 1 E "to sensually stage the poetry of water within the overall concept 'bath.'"


With gently sloping curves that look as much man-made as they look carved by glaciers, the designers clearly have mastered the impossibly sleek organic forms that define today's aesthetic. The sinks will be available for purchase outside the W Hotel and Residences as well. Contact Kanera for more info.

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