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by Jacob Resneck
on 27 January 2006

Upper Playground produces some of the most creative and attractive print clothing and accessories of just about anything coming out of Northern California these days. While much of their gear is stamped with imagery from their San Francisco Bay Area roots, that would be too simple of a description. No need to waste ink (or whatever these words are written with); rather, see for yourself as UP has built a stylish and full-featured online store. There's also a guide to retail stores that carry their designs across the country — we counted nine in Manhattan and two in Brooklyn alone.

For our SoCal readers, UP's SF-based sister gallery FIFTY24SF will be curating an artshow titled "Junta" in scenic Culver City. Junta will feature artists from both the North and South American continents. And it's coming up soon: this Saturday 28 January through 12 February at the Scion Space.

The Junta show will feature the works of: Vitche (image after the jump), Juan Angel Chavez (installation shot pictured above), Basco, Elisita Balbontin, Charles Glaubitz, Dr. Lakra, Raza Uno, Masa, Eduardo Recife, Estevan Oriol, Mister Cartoon and Rob Abeyta Jr.; a mix of the established with some up-and-coming talents.

Scion Space
8553 Washington Boulevard
Culver City, CA 90232
Phone: 310.841.0478

by Jacob Resneck

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