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500 lumens of light hidden in the pages of this book-shaped lamp

by Graham Hiemstra
on 15 February 2013

Offering a discrete, portable and rechargable lighting alternative is Lumio, a book-shaped lamp now on Kickstarter. Inspired by the idea of a modular home that could fold flat for transportation, the lamp is designed to adapt to a multitude of environments with its accordion-like structure. As the cover is opened its pages fan out to emit 500 lumens of LED light, creating an ideal environment for late night reading or setting the mood . You could even be use Lumio as an an emergency flashlight. The cover is laser-cut from FSC-certified wood—walnut, cherry or maple—while the base is made of water resistant Tyvek.

Powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery, Lumio boasts eight constant hours of battery life. Find more information online at Hello Lumio and Kickstarter where a pledge of $85 will get you on the list for the first batch come July.

Images courtesy of Lumio

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