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Maine Kayak Source

by Karen Day
on 22 October 2009

Now under one roof, Lincoln Canoe & Kayak—the half-century-old outfit based in Freeport, Maine—recently teamed up with the three Canadian paddling brands BoréalDesign, Maelstromkayak and Beluga Outdoor Sports Equipment to create Maine Kayak Source. (Click on kayaks for enlarged views.)


The well-matched union allows each of the quality-focused brands to band together in forming a hub of high-end goods spanning sea kayaks, canoes, clothing and accessories.


Steeped in history, Lincoln Canoe & Kayak ensures a modern future with the addition of BoréalDesign, who will compliment the purveyor of handcrafted outriggers with their expedition-ready, open water ultralight canoe.


For more information check out the site. View more images after the jump.

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