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Peace Frog x Indian Motorbike

by Tim Yu
on 17 September 2009

Founded in 1901, Indian Motorcycles is traditionally known for producing big, loud bikes, but Bike Exif put us on to this skinnier model. A customized Indian, we love this bike for what it's not. Stripped off all superfluous parts we're drawn to the minimalist, lightweight look.

The customization comes out of a small shop in Kumamoto, Japan called Peace Frog. Originally unveiled at the not-to-miss New Order Motorcycle Show in Kobe, Japan, the one-of-a-kind bike features a sidevalve engine that puts out about 250cc's. The raw look is very attractive but we highly doubt the seat provides much comfort during a long ride.

More info on the Peace Frog x Indian Motorbike at Bike Exif.

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