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Present & Correct Recycled Stationery

by Ami Kealoha
on 11 June 2008

After experiencing the popularity of their paper goods selling in stores throughout the globe, the London-based stationers Present & Correct decided to take it online, opening their own store with goods culled from such far-flung locations as Korea, Peru and Osaka. From charmingly-packaged colored chalk sets to the rainbow-limned pages of a notebook, their well-curated offerings will likely delight event the biggest stationery junkies. We're particularly taken with a couple of Present & Correct's own repurposed products.

Made from vintage wallpaper sourced from the "grannies of London," the Wallpaper Postcards feature floral patterns on one side and a black and silver design on the reverse. A pack of five is £6.50 from Present & Correct or $13 from Etsy.


Also taking advantage of castoff gorgeous illustrations, the Recycled Book Envelopes transform pages from science textbooks, bird encyclopedias and cookbooks into exquisite ways to send a letter. Each set of comes with flat notecards and address labels, running £9 from Present & Correct.

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