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The Bagster

A lightweight and affordable dumpster alternative

by Evan Orensten
on 28 October 2010

Whether you're renovating or on the verge of appearing in an episode of "Hoarders," major cleanups require more than a trash bag or two. The Bagster, a "dumpster in a bag," makes a daunting undertaking easier and affordable.

Made of woven material, the super-durable bag is roughly the size of a regular dumpster and can hold over 3,000 pounds of material. Simply buy the bag, fill it, and schedule a pick-up.

bagster_info.jpg bagster_fill.jpg

Parent company Waste Management currently serves select areas in the U.S. and Canada (removal service runs around $170), and you can order The Bagster online from Amazon and Home Depot for $30.

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