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The Green Depot

by CH Contributor
on 05 March 2009

by Laura Neilson


The much-anticipated Green Depot finally opened its doors three weeks ago on Manhattan's Bowery. Given the current economic climate (and the grim predictions concerning consumer spending freezes), it seems pretty risky for any new retail venture start up, but environmentally-focused stores/products seem to be one of the few exceptions. Reuters recently reported that despite the despite the recession, four out of five Americans are still buying green—even at sometimes higher costs.

Amongst the usual cleaning supplies, energy-efficient light bulbs and low-VOC paints, we spied some seriously fresh furnishings, especially in the lamps and fixtures department. The Nest Pendant Lamp, made by XY Decor, is a beautiful tangle of shaved maple strips (also available in walnut), while the Florid Pendant Lamp utilizes the same materials for an altogether different effect with the wood strips undulating in and out like delicate ribbons.


Another favorite is the exclusive Scaffolding Floor Lamp, designed by New York-based artist/designer Rodger Stevens. Stevens constructed the wiry body from carefully-picked scraps of exotic wood, all cast-offs from an eclectic range of sources, including demolition projects and piano manufacturers (also available as a desk lamp). What we love so much about these lamps is how they simply demonstrate that good design and eco-mindedness can exist on the same level.

The Green Depot
222 Bowery
New York, NY 10012 map
tel. +1 212 226 0444

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