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by Seth Brau
on 14 August 2007

Maoz, a vegetarian falafel chain that originated in Europe, has finally made its way to New York. With green geometrically patterned walls, bright lights and a clean, simple menu, walking into Maoz is like entering a healthy middle eastern wonderland. Serving fresh falafal balls and juices, the centerpiece of the spot is a beautifully-laid out salad bar like no other.

When one thinks salad bar, picked over, day-old lettuce and shredded carrots come to mind, but Maoz serves none of that. More like everything from perfectly grilled and seasoned broccoli to two different variations of fresh cabbage and amazing pickles—it's all delicious at Maoz. To top it all off, their selection of sauces (my personal favorite part) includes yogurt, garlic, and Tahini. They offer a few different options, some including grilled eggplant and hummus and also Belgian french fries, which were pretty good even though they had that healthy french fry kind of feel.

Supposedly you can take as much as you want from the salad bar but on my fifth trip back I started getting some weird looks from employees. I only wish they had bigger bowls.

Go here to see all their locations worldwide.

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