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Tay Teas

by Ami Kealoha
on 06 November 2008

Made from premium teas and hand-blended with organic herbs and botanicals in upstate New York, Tay Teas are some of most aromatic infusions with the most complex flavor profiles that we've tasted. We sampled Persian Rose, Better Than Sex and Marry Me Again—all unusual, delicious tasting and perfectly balanced.

After several cups, my personal favorite is the delicate floral notes of Persian Rose, which also happens to be Tay teamaker Nini's signature blend. In addition to rose petals and buds, the mix includes ceylon bergamot and green caradmom, lending spice and citrus.


Marry Me Again also pairs a black tea with flowers, but here Nini goes for lavender, violet and cornflower. The blend makes for a cup of tea with a kick (from the lavender), but it's rounded out by the other flavors.

Using Rooibos as a base, Better Than Sex is the mellowest of the three with dark chocolate and peppermint. It's the perfect bedtime treat—we think Nini should consider changing the name to "Better Than Ambien."

Packaged in 4 oz. airtight tins, these are go-to gifts for any tea fan. Check the Tay Tea site for retail locations or buy online starting at $14 per tin.

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