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Link About It: This Week's Picks
Housing on Mars, a highly anticipated camera, America's disco ball queen and more in our look at the web
by CH Editors
1. Fenghe Luo's Realistic NYC Souvenirs Fenghe Luo's prject "WTF NYC" isn't brand new, but it's worth taking a look at. Rather than pretty skylines and Lady Liberty, Luo's take on NYC souvenirs isn't just funny, it's (frighteningly) realistic...
100+ Years of British Car-Making at the MINI Oxford Plant
We interview three employees whose families have a long history with the carmaker
by CH Contributor
by Michael Frank In an age when automakers are suddenly front and center in potential trade wars, it’s important to take a step back and realize that these companies—regardless of where they manufacture—employ human beings. The impacts of trade...
Porky Hefer: Heart of Lightness
The wildly imaginative South African creative questions preconceptions with a captivating solo show at New York’s R & Company
by Karen Day
In the same way that Joseph Conrad’s renowned 1902 novella "Heart of Darkness" starts on water, so does South African artist/designer Porky Hefer’s new solo show, "Heart of Lightness." But whereas the book begins aboard a ship on the River Thames...
Michael Marantz's "Good Morning" Short Film
A powerful message of unity from the director/composer, and artist Kamau
by David Graver
"Wake up!" commands artist Kamau one minute into Michael Marantz's brand new short film "Good Morning." The call to action accompanies an increase in pace of Marantz's score (yes, he personally scored the under-three-minute short film) and a rapturous...
Four Otherworldly Time-Telling Machines
A desk clock, sculptural bangle, automaton and aquapod from this year's Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie Genève
by David Graver
The art of clock- and watch-making continues to see substantial developments as technical skill-sets are passed from generation to generation and new ideas come to light. This year's Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie Genève (SIHH) luxury watch...
Gift Guide: Get Well Soon
Some of our favorite products that promote wellness
by CH Editors
For those in the middle of a dry January or anybody struggling with their two-week-old resolution to take better care of themselves, it can be hard to remain motivated. Like some of us at CH HQ, a reward or simply changing up your routine can help...
Sundance Film Festival 2017: New Frontier
Highlighting five narrative and experimental VR films at this year's two-venue exhibition
by David Graver
It's once again time for many to descend upon Park City, Utah for the Sundance Film Festival, this year running 19-29 January. As the largest independent film festival in the US, Sundance continues to dazzle with its quality of content and creative...
Montblanc's New Bronze 1858 Collection Watches
Vintage-inspired timepieces employing the metal for the first time in the brand's history
by David Graver
Beyond the vintage aesthetics of Montblanc's new bronze 1858 Collection pieces, two related attributes shine: the visual warmth of the metal, both dressy and casual, and an understanding that with age these watches will acquire their own unique...
Interview: Kevin Hunter, President of Toyota's Calty Design Research
We talk cars and design process with the head of California's original car design center
by Josh Rubin
For the last decade Kevin Hunter has been the president of Calty—Toyota’s design research center in Newport Beach—but he’s worked there for nearly 35 years. When Calty opened its doors in 1973, it was the first Southern California-based design center...
Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed
Everything you've come to expect from a sleep-tracker, in an adjustable mattress
by Josh Rubin
For anyone who's spent substantial time adjusting a bed to their ideal position, Sleep Number's recently debuted mattress, the 360 Smart Bed, does the adjusting for you. But that's not all; this mattress tracks users' sleep and reports to Sleep...
Six New Wristwatches Pushing The Craft Forward
Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie Genève debut timepieces with extraordinary merit
by Evan Orensten
After years of uncertainty and dipping sales in the luxury watch industry, optimism appears to be running high again. The troubles faced by wristwatch brands—some triggered by smartwatches and wearables flooding consumer feeds—were due in no part to...
Comfort Food, Vintage Beers + Classy Cocktails at NYC's Maison Pickle
A new design-forward restaurant with hearty cuisine from Jacob's Pickles' Jacob Hadjigeorgis
by David Graver
Beyond the already bustling environs and glowing, highly-organized decor, Maison Pickle succeeds at elevating American cuisine to great heights. The restaurant, which opened this past weekend on Manhattan's Upper West Side, is in no way to the...
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