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Baggu Stripes and New Colors

by Ami Kealoha
on 22 May 2008

Since first writing about Baggu portable nylon bags, we've started paying more attention to similar concepts on the market. Countless versions preceded the Baggu and there will no doubt be countless imitators following, but the Baggu outdoes them on all fronts, not the least of which is their new colors and stripes.

My strategy is to go brightly-colored so that my Baggu always pops against whatever I'm wearing. Josh seems to have a similar approach, swiping the hot pink number that our friends at Baggu recommended we save for a gloomy day.

We envision the new range of stripes working in a similarly functionally fashionable way by playing against solids the way a layered striped tee does otherwise. A classic blue-and-white combo is a perfectly nautical addition for summer and we're loving the red, blue and grey versions as well.


As for the other features that we're praising so highly? Compared to other stowaway bags, Baggus fold flat (at least if you're OCD enough to do it right) and tuck easily into back pockets and other bags. The nylon used is durable yet lightweight and gussets mean they can carry a lot more bulk that expected. Last but not least, handles are large enough to carry over the shoulder for those times when you need your hands for other tasks. We recommend buying in bulk for gifting, stowing in every bag, car or drawer you own and for replacements. Baggus start at $10 a pop (but the more you buy the cheaper they get) from their site.

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