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Beckmans College of Design Fashion Showcase

A dozen design students show their utopian styles at a landmark Stockholm department store

by CH Contributor
on 29 January 2010

by Richard Prime

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"In a Perfect World" is the upshot of a final assignment by twelve fashion students from Stockholm's Beckmans College of Design, who used the concept as inspiration for a collaborative exhibition of their individual designs.

Taking place at one of the city's best department stores, the group show will highlight each designer's interpretation of utopian fashion. The range of concepts include ideas like "serious matters would come in glitter," "perfection is an ugly word" and "nothing is more revealing than movement."


Each student expresses their vision by designing only three complete ensembles, raising the stakes for both imagination and execution. Adding even more dimension to the concepts, students from the college's advertising and graphic design departments created short films portraying the fashion designers' visions in another medium.

In addition to seeing the show at PUB in Stockholm, the highly regarded college will host a digital presentation of the exhibition on the "In a Perfect World" website.

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