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by Tim Yu
on 15 October 2007

With the recent drop in temperature I've been looking for some Fall gear. We already told you about dREALM and 38 Regular, a small shop in the East Village section of New York that hand-stitches all their pieces in the city, often right in the back of their small shop. It's a destination for finding truly original and high quality items that are sure to last longer than the season's trend.


Made of 100% cotton canvas, the Workmen jacket (top left) is perfect for raking leaves or walking around the city in the Autumn weather. With a squarish industrial silhouette, small hand stitched details give the jacket character (above left). The red eyelets paired with black buttons and the extended neck closure are other standout features. I could see this jacket paired well with the pima cotton Simple dress shirt (top right). Again, it's the small details that add originality to an otherwise plain shirt. I especially like the rough white stitching around the gusset (above right).


If you're looking for something a bit more Sunday, The Joiner is a super soft cotton fleece crew neck sweatshirt (right). More of a raw look, I love the red stitching throughout, especially around the cut open pockets (far right).

The Simple dress shirt goes for $185 and the Joiner $160. For purchasing details of the Workmen Jacket contact dREALM at info[at]38regular[dot]com or call +1 212 260 5467.

218 East 5th Street
Ground Floor, East Store
New York, NY 10003 map
tel. +1 212 260 5467

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