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Jack Threads Online Streetwear Shopping Community

by CH Contributor
on 03 December 2008

by Lynne Johnson

Jack Threads is an invite-only online shopping community offering brand names in the surf, skate, and street cultures—offered daily for at least fifty percent off. And there's only one fresh pick per day.

The site's founder, Jason Ross, puts the inspiration behind the site this way, "I'm a consumer who was always in streetwear and men's contemporary fashion, however I wasn't the customer who needed to have what was 'hot' right now." I didn't mind waiting for a few months to get the product at a better price, and sacrifice the freshness of the piece. The problem was that I could never find the products on sale."

Jack Threads partners with brands, like 3sixteen, The Hundreds, Dunderdon, WeSC Denim, Beautiful/Decay, and more, that want to reach the 18-35 market directly so the companies are willing to offer the discounted member-only pricing. As a member, you also get $10 for inviting friends to shop. But they actually have to shop for you to earn deeper discounts when you're shopping.


"We also created Jack Threads as a more valuable and more discreet way for exclusive brands in the street/contemporary space to move through their previous season product. When selling discounted merchandise you run the risk of sacrificing the image of your brand, and the brands we partner with have spent a lot of time building their brands and their image. We've positioned JackThreads as a more valuable way to move previous season merchandise while also protecting the integrity of the brands we work with," says Ross.

The online store will be open seven days a week throughout the holiday season, with more offerings and more quantities of each offering. As an exclusive to our readers, go to this special page to sign up now for free!

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