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Jason Munn x Patagonia Spring 2008 Tees

by Mike Giles
on 17 January 2008

Oakland, CA's Jason Munn is the one-man machine behind The Small Stakes independent design studio. Along with some beautifully designed and silkscreen posters for such bands as Nada Surf, Death Cab for Cutie, Wilco and Blonde Redhead (to name but a few), he keeps busy with a range of visual designs including book covers and album packaging. Most recently, he's behind a few t-shirt designs for Patagonia that will be out this spring and fall, all centered around environmental issues and supporting the grassroots foundations that are fighting for them.

This season's tees include the timely "Vote the Environment" (which helps out the worthy (i.e. they go way further than recycling) League of Conservation Voters), the sinister Pollution Plant (below center) and the Future of the Earth (below right). (Click images for detail.) They'll all retail for $30 a pop (with a portion of each sale going to a related NGO) and will be available from Patagonia come spring.

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