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Melle Emilie B.

Colorful leather goods handcrafted in Paris

by Evan Orensten
on 11 October 2011

Cutting, crafting and dyeing all leather goods by hand in her Paris studio, Emilie Borriglione creates brightly-hued wallets, belts and more under the name Melle Emilie b. Because the design process happens completely by hand, no two pieces are exactly alike in style or shade. I was fortunate to have discovered her booth at a weekend pop-up event in Paris and was charmed by her enthusiasm for her work; her bright personality translates literally with her use of vibrant colors.


Emilie sets her pieces apart with their minimal design, making each pouch, wallet and seamless belt in more than 26 colors—from subdued earth tones to vibrant reds and yellows—all inspired by Borriglione's love of traveling.

Emilie-4.jpg Emilie-3.jpg

The Melle Emilie b. line sells through Paris' Créateurs de Mode. For special orders, contact the artist directly through her Facebook page. If you're really keen on Borriglione's design, check out fellow Paris-based brand Ursul where Borriglione has recently taken up a design position.

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