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My BluBlockers

by CH Contributor
on 06 August 2009

by Ariston Anderson

Immortalized in Dr. Geek's Venice Beach rap and late night half-hour infomercials, BluBlockers defined an iconic '80s style. Now the infamous sunglasses, re-named My BluBlockers, are back with retro appeal. Still boasting the same lens technology originally developed for astronauts, protecting eyes from treacherous UV rays and the even more harmful blue light rays, the reissue adds blue, green, pink, white and gold frames along with the original tortoise shells. The oversize plastic aviators are incredibly lightweight and durable, making them perfect for cycling, driving or any on-the-go activity. On a recent spin around New York, we were shocked at how much brighter and happier everything looked. Even on the beach, they just made the sand and waves that much more vivid.


Pick up a pair from My Blublockers starting at $38.

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