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Paris Stores: April 77 and Jerome Dreyfuss

by Tim Yu
on 14 March 2008

by Jason Wilson

April 77
Fashion and record label April 77 has just taken up residence in a retail space right down the block from the company's headquarters. Designer Brice Partouche tapped interiors guru Steven Thomas after reading a book on Biba, the '70s retail monolith that Thomas also designed. The circular space recalls a turntable with its dark vinyl-esque floors and gleaming steel beams, a choice that complements Partouche's rock-n-roll-inspired, super-skinny styles and fitted double-breasted blazers. Vintage radios are stashed throughout the crannied displays to further address the line's affinity for the chicest beats.

Jerome Dreyfuss
Despite the escalating euro, there is another reason to hop the pond in search of some uncommon French finery. Luxe handbag designer, Jerome Dreyfuss, just broke ground on rue Jacob in the splurge-worthy Saint Germain shopping district. "It's a great opportunity for me to show my client the universe of the label," the designer says. "Plus, I was dreaming of that exact location for years…and I hope to be able to seduce women for a long long time with my work." Conveniently, his wife and fellow fashion designer Isabel Marant's boutique is located next door.

Designed by Dreyfuss and an architect friend to resemble a modernist locker room, the 400-square-foot boutique features "lots of Jean Prouvé or Charlotte Perriand-style platform benches." Perhaps the most in demand will be the trash denim and tie-dyed totes that hang from the wall like boxing gloves—but no need to duke it out, there's plenty of attractive selections to choose from.

April 77
49, Rue de Saintonge
75003 Paris, France map
tel. +33 1 4029 0730

Jerome Dreyfuss
1, Rue Jacob
75006 Paris, France map
tel. +33 1 4354 7093

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